How to Cut the Stem of Your Menstrual Cup

If you are a menstrual cup user, you might have a problem right now that it is inappropriately rubbing you. Your menstrual cup uncomfortable down there. One of the possible reasons why you’re having such discomfort is due to it’s too long stem.

But you shouldn’t worry, we’re going to help you to get rid of it. But first, you need to educate yourself about the basics of menstrual cup.

Do You Really Need to Trim the Stem Of Your Menstrual Cup?

The truth is, cutting the stem of your menstrual cup is not necessary. Therefore, you should only know when to trim it or not. The stem is very important, especially in removing your cup. You cannot put your entire hand inside your vagina with the use of the stem you can easily reach your cup even when it will go far inside. However, some ladies do not like the feeling of having it, and they cut it.

Remember that before you trim the stem, consider the height of your cervix. It can tell the length of your vagina from where the cup should sit. In that way, you can decide if there is a need for you to trim the stem. If you are a type of woman with a high cervix, you should have a longer length of stem as well. On the other hand, a shorter stem is recommended for women with lower cervix.

For these reasons, it is better to buy a cup that has an average length of the stem, such as the Daisy menstrual cup.

What is a Menstrual Cup Stem?

The stem aims to assist you in getting to the bottom of the cup until you can pinch it to break the seal.

The stem helps, but usually, it’s a little soft or stretchy, it’s not there to be pulled on, and it is not recommended. Do not immediately remove the stem of the cup if you don’t want to mess up the blood on the floor.

How to Determine the Length of Your Cervix?

Buying a menstrual cup is like buying a pair of shoes. If you do not know the size of your feet no matter how costly and beautiful it is if it does not fit, it will become useless. Knowing the length of your cervix is so easy. Follow the steps below.

Use Your Finger

The best tool in measuring your cervix is your finger. Make sure that it is clean before you insert it inside your vagina. Reach out your finger until you can feel a firmer tissue than your vaginal walls. Imagine the touch of your nose, and that is precisely how it should feel like.

Know the Measurement

Identify the length of your vagina by the length of your finger. If it is only one joint that was inserted into your vagina, it means you have a low cervix. For average height, you should have inserted two joints. For women with higher cervix, the entire finger should fit inside your vagina before touching the cervix.

Be Familiar With the Measurement

Now that you already identified the length of your cervix, it’s time to familiarize it. Take note of the measurements and make a comparison with your menstrual cups. It will help you to choose the best size of your menstrual cup and the right length of your stem.

Easy Steps to Trim your Menstrual Cup

Trimming the stem of menstrual cup is fast, simple, and efficient. Find the ring of your cup, and under that, you should see a stem. Cut it according to your desired length. To make sure the accuracy of length, use your finger in measuring your cervix and use the same length with the stem of your menstrual cup. 

To cut it right, make sure you use sharp scissors. Leave the final ring alone, both to keep something to grip for removal and also to prevent puncturing your cup. Beware in cutting the stem of your cup because your cup might be compromised. For sure you do not want to destroy your cup. If you’re not sure of what to do, then read guidelines and watch videos about it.


Now that you already know the guidelines of trimming your stem. It should be easier for you to use your menstrual cup without any discomfort. Before you decide to cut the stem, consider the height of your cervix. Beware in trimming the stem, you might cut the whole stem, and it will be harder for you to remove your cup. A menstrual cup is easy to use if you know how to do it properly.

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