How to Create Your Perfect Travel Itinerary

Traveling is fun, but what’s not fun is standing around in a group asking each other, “What do you want to do?” all day. I’s sure many of you know what I mean when I say that!

You don’t have to plan your vacation down to the very last minute, but just winging it leaves a lot of wasted time trying to come up with something to do.

With all the endless travel opportunities, narrowing down your destination can be overwhelming. Travel blogs, such as inspire4travel, can give you ideas for sight-seeing or family-orientated trips, romantic breaks or adventurous ones.

But remember that no matter where you go, and with whom, an itinerary can help you maximize your vacation time and make sure there are no wasted days, wondering what everyone wants to do and when.

Take a little read below:

Travel Itinerary: Plan, But Be Flexible

Planning your trip down to the last detail is impossible. Things happen. Your plane is delayed, you get lost finding your hotel, etc. Trying to control every waking moment will only lead to stress, arguments, and worst of all: no fun for anyone.

When creating an inventory, carve out time for extras, such as bathroom breaks and lunch. If you’re focused on getting to your destination, you’ll miss a lot of cool stuff along the way.

Itineraries are meant to be guidelines, not a strict, minute-by-minute guide. They can keep you on track, but flexible for the unexpected.

4 Must-Haves For the Perfect Itinerary

The purpose of vacations is to relax, kick back, and HAVE FUN. If one person in your group is unhappy, you’re vacationing wrong. Of course, teenagers can never expressively show they’re having fun, but they shouldn’t be outwardly miserable, either.

Here are 4 tips for creating the perfect itinerary:

1. Research things to do in the area. When visiting a new city, a small amount of research is necessary so you don’t wander around looking for something to do. Even in a familiar city, research can help you find those hidden gems off the beaten path.

Have this list fully researched before you land in your chosen holiday destination. Then, when you’re there, you can see which days are the most suitable according to the weather (and other things you might discover when you get there).

2. If traveling with family, have each member pick one must-see each. It’s unlikely that you will get to see everything a city has to offer in one visit. You’ll be tired faster than you think. Having each member of your group pick out ONE absolute must-see helps you plan out your days.

3. Map out destinations by sections of the city. While you shouldn’t make a strict schedule, mapping out your plans for the day can help ensure you hit all the spots on your list. Visiting museums, restaurants, etc., in one area of the city on the same day can reduce your exhaustion. Don’t ping-pong across town.

4. Don’t try to cram everything into one day. Expecting to see all the tourist spots in one day is unreasonable, and a recipe for disaster. If your vacation is in a popular area, it will be that much longer to see so-called “tourist traps.”

In 2018 alone, more than 1.4 billion, yes, BILLION, people went on travel adventures.

Don’t Forget Your Travel Essentials!

Your itinerary can be used for more than just travel planning. Keeping the hotel address, flight numbers, and other relevant details on your itinerary can save time. There are innumerable phone apps that can be used for itinerary planning, even a simple note app.

But overall, use your itinerary as a suggestion, not a requirement. It just works a lot better when you have a pre-plan ready, one which you can all browse and add to when you get to your holiday place.

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