How to Create a Showstopper Water Feature

Adding a water feature to an outdoor area can transform the space from dull to breath-taking. When walking through tall buildings or peeking into a garden, seeing a structure of flowing water is bound to catch your attention. Picking the right water feature can be a little tricky; however, so below are some steps to get you closer to choosing a visually appealing magnet to the eyes of passers-by.

Where to Place it

Your first step before choosing a water feature is considering where it will be placed. If you are searching for an added feature to your small garden, it might be a good idea to choose something smaller than one that might be placed in front of a large city building.

It’s important to ensure that you have the sufficient amount of space for what you will be purchasing – when it arrives, you don’t want to be faced with the dilemma of a lack of space! Take some time to measure the amount of space you have for your new water feature, and make sure it will stand out without overpowering everything else surrounding it.

Consider the Background

Taking note of what is in the background of your new water feature is a crucial step in making sure you purchase the right one. Is your garden full of modern wooden flooring and stylish furniture, with well-trimmed hedges bordering your outdoor space? Maybe consider a smooth textured feature with water blades to create a glass-like water fountain which will compliment your background.

Perhaps your area of choice is overgrown with bundles of interesting flowers and tiny creatures embedded between bushes. Then, you should consider choosing a natural-looking feature which could be mistaken for nature itself.

Creating something that catches people’s attention doesn’t always mean making it as big as possible. The attraction of water is the gentle flow that creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, so investing in a small but stunning feature can be enough to make your space showstopping.

Choose High Quality

Investing in high-quality equipment for your water feature is crucial. Finding the perfect one that fits your aesthetic is important, but if it does not hold high-quality equipment, it won’t last as long as it ought to.

You want your water feature to have longevity as well as a stunning appeal, so instead of ending up with an old, dried-up water feature in a year or so from now, make sure you spend your money wisely by investing in reputable equipment like OASE products. This will give you peace of mind that your new addition won’t be failing you any time soon, and your new showstopper will be there to stay.

Plan for Maintenance

Another important part of owning a water feature is understanding its upkeep. The repetitive process will mainly be maintained by your equipment and gravity; however, at times, you may need to replace a part or check that everything is running correctly. Knowing this, to begin with, and ensuring you will have the funds and time to keep up with its maintenance means you won’t only have your showstopping water feature for a short amount of time – that it will be there to stay and attract the eyes of many.

A water feature is a wonderful piece to add to any outdoor area, and choosing the correct can make the difference between a short-lived mediocre piece and a beautiful, long-lasting head turner.

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