How to Create a Photo Book Gift for a Birthday Celebration

If it’s a special birthday gift you are after, then something personalised is the way to go. A great gift is something thoughtfully considered or made with love, so why not consider using photos of great memories as inspiration for a beautiful gift?

The Right Kind of Gift

Consider what kind of person the gift you are buying is for. Do they love drinking coffee and would appreciate a personalised mug? Would they love a personalised cushion on their sofa or a wall hanging perhaps? There are plenty of photo-gift making sites out there, but if you want to go the extra mile for a special birthday, consider creating a photo book gift.

This comes with even more thought and can encapsulate lots more memories with all of your favourite photos included. It is a heartfelt present that is sure to bring joy to the receiver, no matter what kind of person they are. A photo book is something to be treasured, so you should put time and effort into it, but it doesn’t have to be difficult to make.

How to Make a Photo Book

You have two options when it comes to making a photo book. If you are a creative hands-on person, then spending time putting together a photo album with lots of hand-made elements might be the way to go. If time is not in your favour and you don’t see yourself as an arts and crafts kind of person, then you have nothing to worry about. Creating a photo book online could not be easier.

An easy way to compare deals is through the website, a photo book compare service that offers deals on all the most popular photo book sites. Making a photo book means your photos are printed in nice quality for a lovely gift full of memories. You will want to use a site that is affordable but still gives professional, quality results.

Where to Begin

Whichever route you choose, you will need to start by selecting the photos that you wish to include in your photo book. Whilst a photo album is a safe means for storing and displaying photos altogether, a photo book is created just like any other published book. It tells a story and is designed well, to create an enjoyable experience when flicking through each page.

If you are using an online site to create your photo book, then it should come with lots of options for choosing your layout, theme, and overall design. If you are going the handmade route, then make sure you get good quality printouts of the photos you choose to use. You should also try to make it cohesive and to tell a story, preferably in chronological order, as this way is most favourable for a nice flow to the book. If you need inspiration, there are some lovely examples online.

Choosing the Content

Whilst you may have tonnes of photos to choose from, being selective is important. The photo book should just have the very best ones on display, so try to be picky when sorting through all of your photos. You should also consult with friends and family about your plans, as perhaps they have some great photos to share with your project.

Photo books don’t have to be limited to photos either, as you can also include text too. Writing something meaningful alongside the photos will be even more personal, and if your friends and family want to help and be part of the process, you should encourage them to write a message to be included as well. As a personalised present, you know the receiver the best, so trust your instincts on what kinds of photos they might like to see included.

Creating New Content

If you have time on your hands, want to double-up the gift, or are willing to let the receiver in on some of the secrets, you could even organise an event or a photoshoot to gather photos specifically for the book. Perhaps the photo book will record the birthday party, and if they don’t mind waiting for their gift, you could compile all the photos from their special day into the photo book. Or perhaps you can organise a day to take photos as the ‘present’, only to reveal the finished photo book as an extra gift later on.

If you can think creatively, you may be able to think up even more brilliant photo book opportunities and plans. Another idea could be taking photos of all their favourite places and making them into a photo book. Or take portraits of all their friends and family, with personal messages from each of them to be used as captions with their photos.

Whatever you create, the result is sure to be loved and appreciated by the receiver. Any gift made personal is one to always be treasured, so be sure to put your heart into it and enjoy being creative.

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