How to Create a Clothing Brand Identity

Your brand identity speaks volumes about who you are as a fashion brand. The mistake that most people make when following expert tips in starting a clothing line online is thinking that as long as the brand is good and it’s what the customer likes, it will sell itself.

You are naïve if you think that you are the only clothing company that has something unique to give customers. Fashion is built on creativity, and there are other designers working day and night to get ahead. 

Why you Need to Create a Brand Identity for your Fashion Line

The fashion industry is very competitive. You will find another company or designer that has tweaked your design a bit, turning it into a best seller. This is why you need to find a way to distinguish your fashion line from the competition.

A brand identity allows you to do exactly that. It allows you to offer customers an experience rather than just clothes. A great brand identity gives the customer comfort knowing that they are wearing something that they can easily relate with. They have accepted that they belong to that brand and cannot find what they are looking for elsewhere.

Steps to Creating A Brand Identity for your Clothing Line

1. Identify your Target

If you are going to create a brand identity, you have to know the people that you are creating the brand for. Most people wear clothes that define who they are. What kind of personality are you after? Can you define them in three words? Come up with three adjectives that link your brand’s personality to those of your target market.

2. Have a Mission Statement

Your mission statement presents your business values to the audience. Your customers need to know why you do what you do? What motivates you to create your clothes? Your mission statement should be short and precise.

As you create this statement, don’t forget about your customer’s personality and yours. You may have to do some serious brainstorming here if you want to come up with an effective mission statement. 

3. Know what your Competitors are doing with their brands

Sometimes you don’t have to look far to find an excellent brand strategy. Just use a big fashion brand as a benchmark. Look at what defines their strategy and sets them up apart from the competitors.

What is their mission statement? What kind of messages and visuals do they use when advertising their products? Read online reviews and find out what other people are saying about that brand.

4. Define your Unique Qualities

You are the only one that knows why you started that clothing company. You are also the strategist in that business. That means that you know the ins and outs of everything.

As you come up with a brand strategy, write down the things that make your products and business unique. You can then use those qualities in brand awareness campaigns.

5. Get a Professional to Design a Logo

A logo can be a symbol or string of words that define your brand. The logo stays with you for the rest of the company’s life. The symbol will be imprinted on all your clothes. This is why you should get a professional to help you design the logo. Go for someone that has dealt with clothing brands before.

6. Give your brand a voice

If you want people to buy your clothes, you have to convince them to do so. You have to come up with a voice that you’re going to use in all official communication.

If you are targeting a young audience, you are better off using a conversational fun tone. That way, they can easily relate with you. If your clothes are targeting corporate clients, you can go for a more assertive and professional tone. 

7. Be consistent

After you’ve established the above perimeters for your brand identity, make sure that you stick by them. When you communicate with your target audience on social media platforms, use that fun and friendly voice that you established for your brand. When designing your clothes, stick by the values and principles that guide you. Never try to copy something because it’s trendy. Create your own trend with the guidelines that you have set for your brand.


When your clothing line has a brand identity, it can be distinguished from the competition. A unique brand identity also allows you to connect with your customers at a deeper level. They wear your brand because it represents who they are.

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