How To Build Confidence When It Comes To Your Appearance

Confidence is something that many people suffer from and feeling good about the way that you look is certainly up there as a major struggle for many. It is very hard, especially these days when we are constantly exposed to images of celebrities and the pressures of social media.

Feeling as though your looks do not match up to others is not uncommon at all, and comparing yourself to those you believe to be more attractive than you can really make you feel depressed. 

Building up your confidence is entirely possible though, and there are things that you can do to help yourself feel as beautiful as you really are!

Create The Change You Want To See

One way that you can help to build up your confidence is by trying to push yourself to appear how you would like to. If that means getting your hair cut or dyed, or paying a visit to beauty clinics, then so be it.

Be sure though that any changes that you are making are for your own benefit and not because you think someone else or society expects you to do those things. Taking pride in your appearance and looking after yourself is not a bad thing, but it is important that you are doing it for your own confidence and self-worth. 

Think about the one thing your often moan about. Feel like your hair is a little drab? Book in with a stylist and talk about a flattering colour and cut that will brighten your look. Want to improve your skin? Look into facials or skincare products which can tackle stubborn acne.

Feeling self conscious about your teeth? There are tonnes of invisible braces and aligners out there that can give you a new smile within 6 months! Just focus on whats dragging you down and make some time to look into it.

Think Positive

One of the major problems with confidence is the narrative that we create for ourselves. We decide that there is something about our appearance that may not be up to standard, and we repeat this message to ourselves.

We may well have learned this by comparing how we look to other people, or it may be something that someone has said to us in a nasty way in the past that has stuck. But, when you stop and look at yourself from head to foot, you will probably find plenty of other parts of you that you do like. Focus on these, and really do everything you can to remind yourself about the things that you do like about yourself. 

Write positive notes to yourself and stick them around your mirror. Take Instagram photos that highlight the things that you love about yourself and do not be afraid to post a message and some hashtags about how you love that part of yourself.

Tell yourself every day that you are beautiful, and start to override the negative thoughts that tell you that you are not good enough.

Invest In Your Wardrobe

One way that you can improve your confidence is by changing up your wardrobe and dressing well as often as you can. It is so easy to just throw on some comfortable clothes, but when it comes to feeling great, wearing something that you know you look great it will make you feel miles better.

The more nice outfits that we own, the more choice we will have.  Having a variety of looks and outfits to choose from will keep things fresh and interesting. 

It sounds cliche but when you know you’re dressed your best, and you feel stylish and smart in your outfit, your confidence soars. Try it!

I hope the above tips help a little!

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