How To Be The Wing Woman and Matchmaker Your Girls Want You To Be

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you probably have a couple of single friends, right? Or, a gal pal in desperate need of finding ‘the one’, who finds it really hard to get into the dating game.

So, lets get straight to it: matchmaking is fun. And if this is you, with a couple of gal pals who are seeking a lovely date or the chance to find Mr Perfect, you can help them by being a good matchmaker.

It’s pretty easy to be the wing woman and matchmaker they want to see in you— as long as you keep a few things in mind. You’re friends have probably searched for dating sites uk that often they would gladly leave the hard work in your capable hands…

Always keep your eye out

Remember to always have your single friends in mind, so that is especially the case when you meet a good candidate. When you come across a super-cool single guy at a party, work event, or even someone you might be chatting to on social media — but you can tell immediately you’ll never have a love affair with him — let him know you have intentions to set him up. It’s best to be open at the beginning and ‘dangle the carrot!’.

Don’t be too eager with it. Just play it natural and say something like, “You’re so great, I feel like I really need to get your number (or Instagram handle, as it’s 2019, or ‘how can I find you on Facebook?’) because I know there’s someone I should set you up with, even if I can’t figure out who it is yet.”

Here, you’re playing matchmaker for a cool person you’ve just met, and the friend/person you might be able to pass their details on to.

Know what your friends want

Find out what your friends are looking for when it comes to dating and searching for a partner. If you have an idea of characteristics or physical features they are keen on, you can always have a sift through your social media contacts and see who could be a potential.

Don’t hold back when it comes to digging – get as much info as possible! Ask them what type of dating sites or apps they tend to use – this can tell you a lot. It could be an online website like which allows single parents or divorcee’s to search for similar matches, or an app which lets the lady talk first.

Sometimes, your friends may be quite strict on finding someone of a certain religion, or may even be very particular about a mans height.

Tell your friends everything about a potential date

If you find someone suitable to fix your friend up with for a date, make sure you tell them every little detail about them first up. The more they know, the less they can be disappointing or surprised about anything.

I always try to let people know exactly what to expect down to the very fine details, so neither of the two would say I have been a bad matchmaker! So I will say things like, “He’s a little short for me — but since you’re three inches shorter than I am, I think you guys would look great together.” Or something like, “He’s into God, and I’m not — but maybe that won’t bother you as much as it bothers me.”

Or, “Honestly, he’s not totally perfect looking, but hes personally is just brilliant, he is so hilarious and so sweet, I think you’ll see exactly what I mean”.

Have photos to hand

Do your best to make sure you have pictures of the person you are trying to matchmake, before you try to set them up. In this day and age, it’s too easy to disregard someone because they haven’t seen a photo – they can jump on a dating app and browse people by their photos at the swipe of the thumb. People want pics – it is that simple.

And they’re easy enough to screenshot from Instagram or Facebook.

Don’t hang around after the initial set up

Explain that you will bow out for a while after they meet. Otherwise, you might become the man in the middle for both people, which can be a real awkward position. What’s more, your days could be consumed entirely by advice-giving and WhatsApp interpreting if you’re not careful. To make sure matchmaking doesn’t turn into a full-time job, make it clear you plan to withdraw from involvement until the relationship either becomes solid or else is clearly going nowhere.

Know what makes a good match

How can you be a good matchmaker if you don’t know the signs of a couple who really match? To save you the research, remember the following factors which show that people would match well: they have the same travel and trip planning interests, their personalities should release tension and not explode it, they are both good communicators, and more over, they would balance each other out (two loud people will clash, and two quiet people will struggle for conversation).

So there you go: get matchy matchy!

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