How To Be Big On TikTok UK

If you want to become big on TikTok in the UK, you got to be able to offer something fun, catchy and absorbing for the people watching you. Sound do-able? Read on…

TikTok is a platform that I thought I’d never join, and I’ve only signed up for it this year (January 2020) out of sheer curiosity. I mean, it has been created to unite the young generation in the creation of fast moving videos, becoming an impressive mixture of Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and stone-dead Vine. Perhaps throw in a lil’ bit of YouTube too.

I’m 33, so I’m hardly a teen. I do feel that it’s been made biiiiig for teenagers, with many of them making short funny videos, appling filters, making duets, reactions, dances, miming, and just having fun on TikTok.

This had led to many youngsters becoming TikTok famous! So for the first week of January, I did something I shouldn’t have done because I am partial to loosing hours to the digitial world: I downloaded TikTok to my phone. I totally lost myself for a few hours, and got hypnotized and sucked into the most popular and young hype movement.

I also made some videos myself, mainly showing the before and after nature of makeup on someone who suffers from adult acne. Not something I love to admit, but I guess the videos I made really show the true power of makeup. Meh.

So, in the UK, how can you get likes on Tik Tok fast? How can you get famous on TikTok with a new account?

Make a Good First Impression

The first impression for anything on the net is the most important. Whether that’s the look, colours, music, or feel – your TikTok profile must be something that immediately creates a desire to follow you. Lots of short, catchy, fun and upbeat videos usually work well, but try to think about something that provokes the shock factor, or humour. Once you’ve created a reaction from people, you’re rolling!

Remember to think about your profile description too. Be clear, write something unusual or exciting. Sell yourself. Be fun and random.

Stick to a Theme

On TikTok, people are divided into categories which cover everything from comedians, beauty bloggers, gamers, dancers, challengers, etc. The weirder, the more wonderful! You can find accounts that film time-lapses, carry out eating challenges, play instruments…. basically it’s about finding your theme, capturing your passion is a fun way, mastering it like a pro, presenting it to the world, and getting fans!

Be Original

Please please thinking about being original. All TikTok celebrities have original and unique content, and it’s become so established now that it’s hard to do well if you copy others. Unless it’s a challenge, do not copy anyone. Be unique! It is essential to come up with new trends and ideas of your own. Once you do this, you’re the trendsetter and offer expertise or something new in your ‘talent’. Even if that’s cooking bizarre foods or painting your face in a crazy way.

Consider Sound Choices

Always use music and choose the right soundtracks, as that is what TikTok is mainly about. Think about the emotion the music provokes. Show your music taste, stay trendy, use songs people love, use sound effects that make things seem more dazzling than they are. It’s about creating quirky content, so play around with it. The quality of sound is really important too.

Quality and Quantity

The two go hand in hand. The best set up is to capture high-quality videos often, but time sometimes can’t always deliver this. It’s the most crucial aspect if you want to be popular on TikTok. This is where the shorter the video, the better. You can churn out more videos if they are shorter, but this means they have to be catchier and filmed to great quality. It’s no good spamming people daily with videos on utter rubbish.

Spend a bit of time thinking about how to make your videos short but bright and memorable. Edit your videos and make them look professional.

Come give me a follow over at missemmacampbell on TikTik, and I’ll give you a follow back! So there you go, that’s one new follower..

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