Here’s Why People Get Back With Their Exes

Anyone who’s ever been through a breakup can tell you this: They hurt. Breakups hurt because you spend so much time and energy trying to get to know someone. You share intimate moments with that person. To have all that vanish into thin air can feel devastating. It’s no wonder people hate their exes.

Seeing your ex can remind you of what you had and lost, and no one likes that. But then, even though many people swear they’ll never speak to their exes again, they often get back together with them. In fact, one of the reasons people keep a distance from their exes is that they’re scared they’ll miss them and want to get back together.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why people get back together with their exes.

They actually miss them.

Even though we swear we’ll never care for them again, we can’t deny we still miss our exes from time to time. Every time you walk past the restaurant you both loved, you remember the fun times you had inside. Whenever you hear a song you both danced to, you remember how happy you were, and miss them.

Sometimes, people get back together because of the simple reason that they miss their exes. Let’s be honest. Life is short, and there’s no need to waste time hating your ex when you obviously want them back. People like to be happy, and sometimes, getting back together with their ex is what makes them happy.

They can’t find anyone else like them.

“I’ll find someone better than you.” This (and other versions of this sentence) is one of the most popular things people say to their exes when they break up. The idea is that you’ll replace the person who hurt you with someone who will love and accept you (and maybe rub it in your ex’s face). However, even if you manage to find someone you believe is better, you’ll probably never find someone like your ex.

That’s because people are unique, and you can’t expect two people to be the same. It doesn’t matter if you were trying to meet black women on Afroromance when you met them, or you weren’t even looking at all. The point is that people are difficult to replace. Sometimes, trying may be futile. Instead of punishing yourself, you just get back together and try to work things out.

The breakup was a mistake.

Sometimes, the most obvious answer is also the right one. People get back with their exes for the simple reason that they never wanted to break up in the first place. The breakup might have been nothing but an overreaction to a fight. When people fight, they often say things they don’t mean. One thing leads to another, and suddenly, they are broken up.

However, since neither person wanted to break up, they don’t stay broken up for long. After a while, they kiss and make up and get back together. After all, you can’t let something as trivial as words you didn’t mean come in-between you and your happiness.

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