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I’ve been trying to strengthen and thicken up my hair for a good while now. Sometimes I feel I’m making progress, and other times I feel it’s not come along too much. Along my hair journey, there’s been a few heroes along the way which I’ve really noticed have helped.

One of them has been the Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum, a product I apply to my scalp each night, massage in, and let it work its magic whilst I sleep. Because I have fine hair, it sometimes makes my roots look a little greasy. But for my friends who have tried this with much thicker hair than I, they don’t experience this. The serum itself aims to grow an extra 13,000 hairs after 4 months, which is quite hard to monitor, but I ‘ve noticed a visible improvement over a period of 5 months.

So what else has helped me? A good diet is always one, which I’m guilty of not sticking to. Avocados, nuts and protein rich foods work overtime to strengthen the hairs. Reducing heat appliances, which I’m very good at sticking to (despite using a hairdryer, I rarely ever use straighteners or curling tongs) has helped prevent weak ends. And overall, professional products. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the more quality your hair care, the more love you are giving your hair, because it’s all about ingredients.

I’ve just received this lovely little bundle from Andrew Collinge – a selection of products from the CO range. The fully rounded pro line consists of 9 premium, unisex, results driven products and is exclusive to purchase from the Andrew Collinge website.

One of the most eye-catching products for me when I explored each one was the Hair Moisturiser. Isn’t that we all want for our hair? Just a good old, professional results Hair Moisturiser to apply to damp hair. This spray delivers heat protection, moisture and shine, loaded with Argan Oils to hydrate, smooth and detangle. It has a fresh scent, and spritzes onto damp hair before blow drying to detangle brittle hair, leave hair soft and shiny, and protect again the heat. For £8, it’s going to be my new favourite.

Other products in the line include a Finishing Gel Serum Definer, Argan Oil for smoother, shinier tamed hair, a Firm Hold Hairspray (which I’ve just been using this weekend!), a shaping Clay and Blow Dry Lotion to name a few.

One of the products I spied online which sounds more than ideal for me is the Invisible Dry Shampoo. One of the methods I’m following to try and improve the condition of my hair and health of my scalp is to wash my hair every 3 days, although I sometimes fail miserably with this one. By day two, my roots are already looking flat and greasy, so dry shampoo is my saviour.

This version by Andrew Collinge leaves no visible residue on the hair, meaning no light powders or that ‘grey’ look. It aims to absorb all natural oils and is loaded with translucent texturisers to create fullness and for styling long hair. So for me, it sounds like the next dry shampoo I’m due to try. And lets face it, I’ve tried a fair few!

Looking forward to trying the full collection!

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