Hair: Toni & Guy Slim Curling Tong

If you follow hair trends, then you’ll possibly already be clued up that this season it’s about ditching the tight curls and opting for big, loose waves. My hair is really fine, its so naturally straight I rarely need to use straighteners, but before you think I’m bragging, I’m really not as I can’t get it to hold and volume or shape whatsoever. Many a time I have asked for a volume blow dry at a salon and they spend half an hour struggling away to reveal a blow dry effect I could have done myself at home…

So I need the help of a hair wand, and after months or dedicated use, it is time to ditch my Remington Conicol Wand. Conicol wands are the tools which go thinner at the bottom, so that when you curl with them, the ends of your hair end up tighter and more defined. As amazing as these tools are, that’s not the look I’m going for the Spring. So I purchased the Toni & Guy 19mm Slim Curl Tong, and I can confirm it is the best curling tong ever used!

It’s rounded barrel is not too thick, not too thin, and creates a loose, smooth wave. Hair seems to frame my face really easily once curled, and it’s 25 heat settings means it does the job super quick! We all know I am no fan of posing on this blog, however it’s not very professional to rave about a product and not show the results, plus I guess I am a blogger and it’s my job!┬áSo here are some results after tonging sections for just 7 minutes (yes, I was timing it exactly!)

If you are looking to update your conicol wand this Spring, this is the product I would reccomend!

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