Hair: ‘Style On Demand’ with John Frieda

For the past six months, I’ve been trying to grow my hair and I’ve successfully got it to the longest length it can reach without getting all scraggy. Not going to lie – it’s tough work! But it’s finally all one length and looks as healthy as blonde hair can get. However, I sometimes find that when it comes to my hair, I’m stuck in a constant style rut. I either wear it down, usually brushed to the side falling over my shoulders, or in a side bun on days when I’m late or in a rush!

So it’s 2012 and we’re in a world where we have no excuses for lack of style inspiration, you only have to go on You Tube to find various videos guiding you on the perfect party make-up tips, or how to successfully get Cheryl Cole style volume, or how to neatly draw on ‘cat-eye’ flicks (you can guess what type of videos I usually search for!). I recently came across a series of style videos called ‘Style On Demand’ by haircare brand John Frieda, which is a range of video content showcasing step-by-step guides hosted by celebrity hair stylists. If you’re not too confident styling your own hair, or simply just lack ideas and inspiration, these 8 videos are fabulous for simple, guided help! Take a look at this one, teaching you how to create a ‘French Pleat’ – perfect for those of you who like your up-do’s!

However, if you’re longing to learn the tricks to create perfect curls, apply body, or use rollers, there are some videos designed for you too! The videos are no longer than five minutes long and show you everything you need to know to re-create your ideal hair!

Not one for usually creating hairstyles on the blog, I’m going to try a number of these videos out and take some pictures to show you how I get on this week! For now, enjoy the ‘French Pleat’ video (above) courtesy of the John Frieda’s new brand channel, and let me know how you get on!

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