Hair: Aussie Style Challenge

I recently received a huge bottle of Aussie shampoo for dry/damaged hair from the lovely people at Aussie- and when I say huge, I mean gigantic! It was just what my bathroom was missing. They also sent along two lovely fabric bow hair clip from ASOS for me to enjoy accessorising my hair with, which were gratefully appreciated seeing as bow hair accessories are one of hairs biggest trends this Spring/Summer.

The kind gesture is in aid of Aussie’s ‘More Aussie More Style’ challenge they are currently running, where in order to celebrate the launch of Aussie’s bigger bottle shampoo’s, a number of us were asked to create an interpretation of ‘Aussie’ style hair. So I washed my hair with their new moisturising shampoo and added some Aussie style waves to my hair, before clipping in the cute bow and rolling into a beach-chic bun.

Now all we need is an Aussie beach?!?

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