Giving Gifts Without Being an Imposition

When you give a gift, the natural thought process is that you want to really know the person you’re giving this gift to. This way, you provide something that will really be of value to the person’s life, as opposed to just being more stuff they will carry around for a while, until it’s socially acceptable to throw it away or donate it in some place.

A really good gift will stay with the person for a long time, even if they don’t remember who you are years after you’ve given it to them.

The interesting part is a great gift will serve a variety of different functions, even if they relate to each other in unpredictable ways. These functions will let your gift’s recipient use the gift pretty much, however they want to use it. For this reason, sometimes, the simple yet elegant things are just what the proverbial doctor ordered.

Portability and Simplicity

It’s a wonderful and kind gesture to give someone a gift that’s huge and gorgeous, but at the same time, it can be a bit of a burden. While, say, a huge rug might fit in perfectly in their current space, if that space changes in some way, it may find itself relegated to being in the attic.

A change in the child situation, the size of their space, or even in their general tastes can render a big gift as a big thing they cart around until they can sneak it off to the Salvation Army.

You want to give your loved one something they can easily move around, so they can put it in a different room as their life situation changes. The smaller the gift, the more flexible its usage is going to become. This is why a smaller gift such as a cotton throw blanket, while seemingly very humble, actually has a lot of usage over the years.

By changing what room it’s in, or even what piece of furniture you drape it over, you can make a substantial change to the look. This makes such a blanket a handy piece of tiny decor.

The Colour Scheme

Before you give a gift, you need to know the person’s favorite colors. This can be a bit deceptive at times, because a person may not necessarily be wearing their favorite colors, even if they have an almost monochrome wardrobe in general. The colors they show the world aren’t the same as the colors they want in their home, and getting the two confused is a dreadful mistake to make. In fact, this is something to be avoided at all costs.

The good news is figuring out a person’s favorite colors for their home can be as simple as suggesting a few color swatches to them based on what you want to do for your home. What they like will shine through, no matter how much they believe they are trying to be objective. Their preferences will be obvious within moments.

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