Getting Your Garden Ready For Autumn

September is here and autumn is well and truly on its way. When the weather changes it is important that you make sure all of the hard work you have put into your garden over spring and summer isn’t wasted.

It can be difficult to get outside as the temperature drops, which is why it is important to prepare your garden for the weather change. I’ve teamed up with Greensleeves, experts in lawn care, to give you a run down of how you should get your garden ready for autumn.

Caring for your Garden

Apply Weed Killer

To prevent weeds from growing over the colder months, you should apply some weed killer to your lawn. Most gardeners recommend that you apply weed killer twice a year, and autumn is an important time to do this. You need to apply weed killer to get rid of the seeds that have landed on your lawn over the summer. Doing this prevents an excess amount of weeds growing in spring when the lawn revives.

Soil Amendments

Autumn is the best time to add soil amendments, allowing a slow release of fertiliser to enhance the soil quality throughout the winter months. During spring and summer, the nutrients in the soil are depleted by the growing plants, so it’s important to get the nutrients back into the soil. 

To ensure the soil amendments are properly distributed, turn them into the soil with a gardening fork. It is important to cover all areas, including where there are no flowers or bulbs. Although chemical fertilisers work for feeding your plant directly, organic fertilisers are better for enriching the soil.

Organic fertilisers such as mulch, manure or compost release nutrients slowly into the soil, which is why they’re great to have down over the months where you won’t be spending much time in the garden. Preparing your garden in autumn will reduce the amount of work you have to do in spring. 

Protect Plants

Depending on the type of plant, there are various things you can do to prepare your plants for the cold weather. For certain plants, such as herbs, it can be more beneficial to bring them inside to prevent them from getting damaged and dying.

For other plants you can look at getting glass covers or material to wrap around, once again depending on the type of plant. Protective wrappings should be put in place at the first sign of frost, so in autumn you just need to make sure you have the materials prepared for when the frosty weather does come around.

So that’s a few of the essential ways to prepare your garden for autumn. How will you be prepping your garden? Let me know in the comments!

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