Germs & Gyms: Zogics Wipes For Gym Hygiene

Are you going to the gym? Thumbs Up! You get brownie points for good health, but what about good hygiene? Gyms are home to shared equipment and sweat. They are the playground for bacteria, germs, and even fungus. Did you know free weights may be home to 362 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat?

This can lead to any number of illnesses and fungal infections. Zogics wipes are your answer to this problem. Here is how they impact your gym’s hygiene.

Germs Usually Found In Gyms

Before we discuss how to maintain your gym’s hygiene, let’s understand the risk factors present at the gym.

Gyms are known to be home to at least six different types of bacteria and fungus. They are golden staph, staphylococcus saprophyticus, salmonella, influenza, rhinoviruses, and dermatophytosis.

These can cause mild to severe infections like urinary tract infection, respiratory tract infection, common cold, ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, to name a few.

Keeps Your Hands Clean

Most forms of workout at the gym require you to touch the equipment with your hands. Zogics wipes for hands can help sanitize your hands before and after the workout. They contain sanitizers and antibacterial properties that can keep your hands bacteria-free.

Clean The Equipment Before Using It

You maintain hand hygiene, but the same cannot be said for the person using the gym equipment before you. A study found that 74% of gym-goers do not wipe down the equipment.

So, wipe down the gym equipment with Zogics surface wipes. These wipes are designed to kill 99.9% germs and bacteria within 15 seconds.

Gym Odors Can Be Strong

Gyms induce sweat, and the odors of sweat can be overwhelming. You can use deodorizing wipes to disinfect and deodorize the equipment at the same time.

Quick and Efficient

Gyms experience rush hours. So, cleaning equipment can be compromised when you see customers waiting to use the equipment. The best part about the Zogics gym wipes is that they are a quick solution to your hygiene requirements.

Easy To Use

You can forget about disinfectant sprays, liquids and wiping cloths. They are prone to over-application and need an experienced handler. There is also the risk of spills and leakages. The high-quality gym wipes are easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about spillages and leakages.


With environmental concerns on the rise, any product that you reach for must be is biodegradable. Gym wipes are your answer to hygiene and protecting nature. They will decompose easily and quickly to form a healthy compost.


Gym wipes are easily available online in bundles. These bundles may include anything from multiple rolls of wipes, dispensers, and hand sanitizer. Also, there are a variety of sizes to pick. Buying in bulk not only gets you a good deal but will also save you the shipping costs.

You work out at the gym to remain healthy and fit, but by ignoring the hygiene at the gym, you are compromising your health. Gyms are home to many types of bacteria and germs that can cause any number of infections and illnesses.

It is necessary to maintain gym hygiene while working out to promote a healthy lifestyle. A few simple steps can go a long way towards a healthy you.

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