German Makeup Brand Catrice Now Available In The UK and It Is So Impressive

Towards the end of last year (2019, which sounds weird to say it was ‘last year’) I received a lovely box of cosmetics from German brand Catrice. They had just launched at online retailer Just My Look, and I was pretty excited to try out the products.

Mainly because they looked very sleek and professional, and the array of shades I was given to try made me realise that you defintiley won’t struggle to find your matching shades. Or, if you’re one of those who likes to mix and match, you can easily do this.

The other best bit was that I hopped on my laptop and hit ‘Catrice cosmetics’ into Google search and had a look right away at prices. Now this is a quality makeup brand sitting at a very affordable price range. And we’re talking really, REALLY good prices, like, all of them are under £12. YES!

For those who love exploring new, quality makeup brands and are yet to experience German beauty brands, you’ll be pleased to know this cult budget brand retails UK exclusively on Just My Look.

I’m trying to feature more cruelty-free makeup brand reviews on here as I want to help with spreading awareness about brands that do zero harm. Catrice products are cruelty free, and 80% of the products in the entire collection are vegan. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the range is now sold in almost 70 countries worldwide.

As the online reviews are racking up, I’ve finally grabbed some time to sit down with a cup of tea and share my thoughts on the range, and which products I find the best for me (so far…)

The Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer, £3.49 – which is photographed above – is one of the brand’s best-selling products in Germany, Spain and Italy. It has so many rave reviews that I actually picked this one to try out first.

One of the reasons why I can see why it is so popular is because it’s finish and texture is utterly creamy and soft. It blends in well and has that rich, premium quality to it. I thought it would be slightly ‘thinner’ due to the price point, and although it’s not as thick and long lasting as those by Huda and Dermablend which I constantly rave about, this one blends into the skin lovely.

It hides dark circles well and doesn’t cake or get all bitty in those fine lines.

The next product I was eager to try was the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation, £6.95. I was kindly gifted a number of shades, and felt like a combination of Warm Beige and Sand Beige mixed together gave me my ideal shade, although Sand Beige on it’s own is good enough.

The coverage was impressive from the first time I used it. I applied a small amount on a foundation buffing brush and it buffed into my skin really well. It kind of has a dewy, fresh finish which works best for me when given a once over with finishing powder (I used Laura Mercier), and when set this way, the foundation lasted all day!

The packaging stated it lasts 24 hours but I had been a bit skeptical. But turns out they are right – it didn’t budge at all…

As well as concealers and foundations, Catrice’s collection includes 80% natural ingredient eyeshadows, mineral bronzing pwoders with SPF’s, skin perfecting primers, creamy highlighters and lip-plumping balms.

The Mineral Bronzer is not only vegan friendly, but comes with an SPF of 15 in it too, so it’s not a bad one to be dusting over your pale face when you head off on holiday (or in the UK summer) – as long as you have a higher SPF on first, of course. I have two shades of this – light/medium and medium/dark, in which I now brush the light/medium on first on my cheeks to create a light contouring, then dip a denser brush into the medium/dark and pat it lightly into the contours of my cheeks.

I may be biased, but I love dense, matte shades when it comes to bronzers rather than sheer, dewy, shimmer finish ones. So these two are perfect for me!

I have to say that the pigments of the eyeshadow palette photographed above (called Clean Transparency) also impressed me. Honestly, I’m trying to find a mini niggle here as the prices are so damn affordable, but it’s pretty impossible to find one!

The eyeshadow palette is made up of four lovely neutral shades which can build up in intensity easily by layering up, or bringing much more subtle by using a large fluffy brush and sweeping over gently. I love using the ‘silence’ shade on m eyelid packed on quite heavy (the brown) and the sensibility shade blended into the corners and under brow (the creamy white).

Last but not least, you guys may know by now if you follow me on instagram that I used to use the Smashbox eyebrow pencil for years, happily paying £16 for it because lets face it – it’s a gooden. Then I discovered the W7 Stroke of Genius Microblading brow pencil for £2.99, and my purse just got heavier again. It works exactly the same, but for a fraction of the price.

And then comes along Catrice Slim‘Matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil which is also £2.99, and now my brows are feeling more than complete. Waterproof pencils with the brush at the end, creating those soft, ultra-fine, natural-looking hair-like strokes that do not smudge, budge or transfer!

The rich pigment transforms brows into immaculate arches in minutes, without doing much work. They are so easy to use and blend in nicely, so no lines ever look harsh. What a steal at £2.99 – honestly worth just trying out even if you’re stuck in your ways, like I used to be with Smashbox (I genuinely love the Smashbox pencils, I just no longer can justify them after trying cheaper alternatives).

Here’s the shades available for the brow pencils I took from the Just My Look website. I like 030 the best for me (may look natural blonde, but I’m not and my brows tell you that straight away!)

010 Light – for taupe/blonde hair.
020 Medium – for light to medium brown hair.
025 Warm Brown – for medium brown hair.
030 Dark Brown – for dark brunettes.
040 Cool Brown – cool brown hair.
050 Chocolate – warm dark brown hair.

Incredible German beauty brand I’m so happy to have tried out!

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