Freshen Up Your Style with Unique Accessories

Every now and again, we all just fancy a change. Whether it is prompted by a new calendar year, a season change, or just a craving for something different, a freshen up in our physical appearance is often important to us. But this doesn’t mean you have to lose loads of weight, dye your hair a crazy color, or break the bank.

Wearing something unique is a great way to mix up your outfits and to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Above, I’ve started to style up baggy jumpers with a narrow little belt, to add some shape to my Winter looks. I never used to do this before, but now I’m obsessed!

Here are a few tips on how to change up your look with some unique accessories that will have people noticing your fresh new style.

Customize Your Accessories

It can be tough sometimes to change up your own unique style when fashion trends dominate clothing ranges. But by customizing your own accessories, you can really have something unique that others will be jealous of. You can use old accessories in different ways to freshen up your look. For example, use an old scarf and tie it round your purse to give it a brand-new feel.

Or, drape a pretty scarf around a plain black top to make your outfit cuter…

Another way to add something different to your look is to include some custom lapel pins to your outfit. These pins allow for a small accessory item to have a huge impact on your look.

They are also a way for you to personalize your outfit by showing your support for different organizations and awareness campaigns whilst also giving you a one-of-a-kind accessory.


Often, all that an old outfit needs to give it a new look is to add some different accessories. If you have an old little black dress in your wardrobe, just combine it with an over the top chunky gold necklace and some statement earrings to freshen up your appearance. 

But what about the men? When it comes to accessorising, men often look at adding belts, but that’s where they sometimes stuck, thinking that jewellery isn’t tailored to them.

I recently discovered a range of Tungsten rings when looks for an accessory to recommend for men. I mean, ladies can wear them too, and there are a few I’ve seen on Innovato Store that I personally love myself. For example, this Rose and black colour Tungsten ring below, a two-color ring that is unisex and has a black brushed matte surface on the outer surface, separated by a rose color groove. It’s masculine but fashionable all at the same time.

The well-polished rose interior gives it that touch of class, and I feel that rings like these can quickly ‘toughen up’ a look, or add an edgy feel to an outfit.

If you take a look at the collection of Tungsten rings over at Innovator Store, you’ll see that each one is perfectly designed for either a man or women wearer, and looks sturdy and durable yet pretty and intriguing.

Go Vintage

Vintage style jewelry allows you to pick accessories to match your style and offers a unique contribution to your outfit. The best place to find some vintage accessories is your local thrift store and online second-hand selling website, such as depop.

By adding a pair of vintage style sunglasses to a dress, you can really boost a summer outfit in a simple way. Plus, you can wear the sunglasses again and pair with other outfits.

A vintage scarf can be used as a headscarf when paired with modern outfits to give you a classic feminine look, but it can also be used as a neckerchief in the place of a necklace. Buy shopping vintage, you can develop and freshen up your look but at a small cost.

It can be a daunting thing to try and change up your physical appearance and give your fashion style a fresh look. It often seems a much bigger job than it is. But don’t feel like you must follow the crowds with your style. Through custom accessories, you can mix up old outfits while also supporting your favorite causes.

Often, we get stuck in a fashion rut and wear the same style of clothes for years. But this can change. Wear something you wouldn’t usually, pair it with a unique accessory and feel great about yourself.

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