Food: Using TableNow For Restaurant Bookings in Manchester

As you all pretty much know by now, I’m pretty big into the dining and drinking scene Manchester and the North West has to offer. If I’m to pick a social activity or a catch up with a mate, I can guarantee you I’ll pretty much always choose to socialise over food and drink. Luckily, I’m in a city which absolutely overwhelms me with choices!

But lets be honest – dining out is an expensive hobby. I’m always one of those who tries to look for ways to get little discounts and offers to make it more purse-friendly for me, so I decided to try using the new look app and website for one of my recent bookings…

In a nutshell, TableNow lets you book in at more than 300 restaurants across the North West, offering some incredible discounts if you book directly through them. Some of the restaurants can offer up to 50% off, which even mixes it up across week nights and weekends…

The app and website are both super simple to use, so it’s really straightforward – no hidden clauses you’re going to miss or anything. Plus, at the moment, you can sign up now on the website for a three month free trial, and after that, there is no subscription or sign-up fee. You just pay £2.50 per person per booking.

I decided to try out the app by booking in a restaurant I’ve not actually had the pleasure of trying out before, because I literally love trying out ones I haven’t experienced before.

So firstly, I searched the area in I wanted to eat, which in this case was Manchester city centre. Then, I looked for Browns Brasserie – a stylish,  British eatery with a grand decor and classic interior. It’s a gorgeous place, set in an old bank building.

So then, I chose my ideal restaurant, booked 2 of us in for 6 pm on a week night, and then that’s literally all I have to do – the discount gets added to the bill when we are actually at the restaurant.

Myself and my friend decided to go for a starter and a main each – as much as I was super tempted for dessert! But with a holiday due a week after my trip to Browns Brasserie, I decided if I am going to restrict myself to 2 courses instead of 3, it was going to have to be starters and main!

So, I opted for one of the more healthy starters, Grilled Asparagus with a free-range poached egg and Parmesan shavings, and my friend went for the Pan seared scallops & raspberries, with black pudding, raspberry vinaigrette (the presentation here was pretty impressive!)


As I’m a huge pasta fan, I opted for the Prawn and Crab Linguine, with lime, chilli and coriander pesto. It was actually a really generous portion size, with huge juicy prawns and crab pieces muddled into the fresh linguine.

My friend went for the meat option of Slow Cooked Salted Pork Belly, with a serving of savoury apple pie, buttered green beans, mash, crackling and red wine jus.

It’s quite a fine dining, luxury restaurant, so prices can range from mid to high. But you get excellent quality food, generous portions as mentioned earlier, and excellent presentation.

In terms of costs, our starters were priced at £6.95 (asparagus) and £8.95 (scallops) and our mains £12.95 (linguine) and £15.95 (pork). Not as high as I’d imagined, but, by booking through, we got a whopping £11.03 knocked off the total bill – hooray!

Not bad for a weeknight meal, with a few glasses of wine with our meal too!


With savings of £11.03, I decided to use the savings to finally purchase a mascara from Superdrug I’ve been needing to get for aaaages, used it to go alongside my train travel into Manchester the next day, and treated myself to a venti vanilla latte at Starbucks on my commute in.

Not bad, huh?

If you love dining out, it’s totally worth checking out before placing your booking. Browns Brasserie wasn’t on the list for 50% off, but we still for over £11 knocked off the total. So thinking of some of the even bigger savings you could make!

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