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It wasn’t too long ago I visited Tre Ciccio in Altrincham, and put a review together about a gorgeous little brunch I attended. You can take a read here if you like all things brunch! Well now the Italian haunt is back on the blog, yet this time, I’m talking about a new opening for Tre Ciccio.

Following their much-loved interior fit-out of the successful Tre Ciccio Altrincham restaurant, specialist contractor Daniel James Interiors were awarded the contract to complete the transformation from the previous Mercato Italiano, into Tre Ciccio Bramhall, earlier this year.

This now brings a new slice of southern Italy to Bramhall, keeping up with the excellent dining that Cheshire offers.

I brought along two glamorous assistants of mine – my parents – to come and help me review the place, and check out what this restaurant has to bring to the Cheshire town. After all, I’ve only ever experience the brunch side of Tre Ciccio, so I was very much a newbie with the South Italy themed eatery.

Firstly, we were greeted by a dark, cosy, dimly lit interior, with a sleek and stylish bar area. Think deep woods, rose tinted golds and that warm, humble Italian welcome.

We took to a table directly facing the pizza chefs set-up, watching him stretch the dough and pile on all the pizza toppings before whizzing them directly into a wood fire oven.

In a nutshell, Tre Ciccio was established in 2016, and is popular for being¬†an Italian restaurant serving traditional authentic Neapolitan pizza and Italian style roast chicken. It’s already claimed to have the ‘Best Pizza chef ‘ as awarded at the National Pizza Awards. Plus, it won the best restaurant and bar at Altrincham at the Sale Chamber of Commerce Awards.

The modern, exposed brickwork throughout the restaurant made me feel really at home. We flipped through the menus ready to be greedy with a starter, main and dessert. Well why not, right?

As you can see from my photos – which I apologies are poorly lit due to the iPhone 7 action in a dark restaurant – it is mainly Neapolitan style pizzas and roast chicken and potato combination dishes. You can of course indulge in the Italian style salad, but I’ve never been one to give a salad menu much of a look!

Give me allllll the carbs.

We settled on a bottle of White Wine, one which was a lighter style at just 11% so we didn’t get too tipsy during the feast. Plus, I was driving, so a small half glass was all I could allow myself. Which was a shame, as the wine list looked tempting, and when I return, I’m sure I’ll be leaving the car and treating myself to an Italian Red.

As you can see from the below, I went for the cone of fried fish as my starter. It features king prawns, calamari and white fish, which tasted very much like the salty whitebait fish. Breaded and battered to that crunchy-yet-soft-to-bite perfection, the portion size was plentiful and I even shared it out so I didn’t fill myself up too much for my pizza.

My parents had a combination of the mushroom filled Pizza Bites called Rotolini Al Funghi, and the Bocconcini (fried Mozzarella Balls) which were both really tasty. The Rotolini Al Funghi is kind of like a firmer version of dough balls, with a real melt-in-the-mouth cheese filling and mushroom slices, tomatoes and basil. Very filling, so these would actually make a great sharer.

The Bocconcini – Mozzarella Bites for the ones who prefer English! – were more of a standard starter sized portion, which is probably advised if you’re following with a pizza. And dessert! The breadcrumbs were light, and the gooey cheese inside was delicious!

We decided between the three of us to get two pizzas and one roast chicken and potato option – the one which came with the mushrooms. As you can see, there’s probably a bit of a theme going on here. We’re not happy unless we’re eating cheese, pizzas and mushrooms!

Jokes aside, I went for the Capricciosa classic pizza, which comes as with proscuitto cotto topping, along with marinated artichokes and olives, portobello mushrooms, cheese and tomatoes. Let me be hand on heart honest: I can completely say that I understand why this place has won awards for the best pizza.



It’s a soft dough, which tears apart easily, and has that soft gooey texture yet with that crunch bite every now and again. The crust is soft, but not soggy, and makes the perfect base for the toppings.

They say that their pizzas are made from a slow rising dough, from the finest milled flour, water, salt and yeast. Then, they are fermented at an ambient temperature for a minimum of 24 hours, before being at around 500 degrees in the wood burning oven.

It’s a light, digestible and not-too-thick base. I’d go as far as to say its perfection.

You can of course get a range of gourmet pizzas too, which come with a few more lavish ingredients piled high onto these soft, delicious bases.

As for the Pollo Con Funghi E Pesto, this roasted chicken with green pesto and mushrooms was by far a luxury sized portion. The rich pesto and mushroom filled toppings coated the potatoes for a true Italian style chicken experience. Well, I only tried a couple of bites of this with being stuffed by my pizza, but it did taste extremely yummy,

Much more flavoursome than your traditional chicken, and the crisp taste of the skin being slow roasted coming through, and succulent chicken underneath.

It’s certainly a meal in itself, and seeing as you can get this dish for two to share, I can only imagine how big and mighty that would be! A delight for chicken lovers.

We finished the way I tend to finish a meal – with a sweet treat and a coffee. I chose to indulge into the Tiramisu which absolutely blew me away. My photos turned out pretty horrendous, so I’ve taken to ‘word porn’ to try and describe it. It basically came in a glass jar, and was filled up high with a combination of soft sponge fingers soaked in strong coffee, a topping of sweet amaretto and mascapone cream, finished with a dusting of cocoa powder.

It was the creamiest, sweetest and more delicious dessert I’ve had in a long while. And I LOVE my sweet treats. It held on to its Italian roots with it’s strong kick of coffee, soaking into the sweet sponge and cream.

I have massively raved about this place due to my order being spot on for me, and I was very happy with my main course and dessert especially. In hindsight I could have ordered the Antipasto Di Tre Ciccio – a selection of Italian meats, salamis and cheeses, to ween of the bread crumbs a little. But ah well. You live and learn. And there WILL be a next time.

What I would say is that please bear in mind this is a Southern Italian influenced eatery specialising in what it does best: Neapolitan pizzas and roast chicken and Italian style potato dishes. It doesn’t offer your Italian pastas or spaghetti dishes, which is worthy to know before attending.

Thanks to all the staff who looked after us at the launch. Extremely attentive and polite. A great, stylish place which I’m sure will do Bramhall proud!

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  1. November 14, 2018 / 7:48 pm

    Well now I’m really hungry for some quality Italian food!

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