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Over the weekend, I made a fun filled visit to Manchester for a weekend of celebrations. One of my best friends was celebrating her 30th birthday, booking the lower floor room at the Tib Street Tavern in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, which brought me to spend the weekend in the city.

Most people know me as a Manchester blogger, but lately I spend the majority of my time split between Cheshire and Staffordshire, with work duties and part living at my boyfriends house. So when an opportunity arose to head back to Manchester for the weekend – I jumped at the chance!

Location wise, I stayed at the very classy Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel on Peter Street, towards the Deansgate end of Manchester.  More on the hotel in an upcoming post, because it deserves its own feature as it was an incredible place to stay for the weekend.

For the Saturday evening, my boyfriend and I wanted to dine somewhere super close to our hotel, so we could jump into a taxi straight after and head to the venue for my friends 30th. I also wanted to go somewhere which was fairly established and had a good reputation, which lead me straight to Steak and Lobster.

If you don’t know much about Steak and Lobster, I’ll fill you in. It basically has simplicity at the heart of its mission statement: providing the finest steak and the freshest lobster straight to your plate. There is nothing complicated about the place and you are pretty much guaranteed to know what you are getting. The food simply speaks for itself.

Obviously, as the name gives away, it’s a steak and lobster eatery, but of course there are deviations from this in the form of starters and sides. To complement the main course, they offer starters such as chilli cheese bites, crispy smoked beef tacos with lime and crème fraise, cayenne peppered onion rings and warm veggie mince lettuce wraps – a healthy alternative!

All main courses come with unlimited fries and a spicy lemon salad, so you can keep piling up your plate. Always a winner – especially if you have kids with you who can’t get enough of fries!

We opted for the crispy beef tacos and the chilli cheese bites, followed by a fresh lobster and medium cooked steak with a ‘Chimichurri’ sauce – a slightly chunky, green coloured lightly spiced sauce, which was oil based. I also spied there was a Surf and Turf option on the menu, if you can’t decide between the Steak and the Lobster, or if you just want a combination of both! This option comes sliced, dressed with a horseradish garlic mayo and served in a toasted, warm brioche roll.

I would have chosen the Surf and Turf, had I not ate my body weight in bread earlier that day. So I opted for the 10 Rib Eye Steak from the grill, and my boyfriend went for the lobster.

Now neither of us has ever had a full lobster on our plate before. The nearest we have got is lobster ravioli – which is actually one of my favourite dishes.


I have to say that the steak was cooked to perfection, tasty and juicy, to the right texture and consistency, the sauce complimented its taste, although next time I pop in I think I’ll brave it a little and opt for something a little hotter!

When the lobster arrived, we were given what I can only describe as a pair of pliers to clamp away at the claws to reveal more lobster. You can probably guess that I left this task to the man! To say I have never indulged in a large, fresh lobster before, I was overly impressed. It was soft and delicious, and easy to pull away from the shell. I was slightly worried we would be struggling to pull bits from its shell, hacking away at the chunkiest bits of lobster, but it was relatively easy and we enjoyed more than enough!

I’d recommend doing what we did at Steak and Lobster – one of you orders the steak, the other the lobster, and simply half and half it to enjoy the best of both! It’s great value, at £20 each for the main seeing as its high quality food, with unlimited fries and lemon salad. You can usually expect to pay a lot more for a full-on fresh lobster or a large rib-eye steak at other premium restaurants in and around Manchester.

I can’t fault my visit, and it added to the luxury and enjoyment of my Manchester weekend. The staffs were attentive, the vibe was busy yet friendly, and a lovely bottle of rose wine was flowing. Perfection!

If you’re looking for a new place to try in Manchester, whether or not you are staying at the Radisson Blu Edwardian, I’d highly recommend this place, particularly if you like your finer foods!

Following our delicious, I took myself and my brand new New Look dress to the Tib Street Tavern in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and continued to party on. The Steak and Lobster restaurant is only a 10 minute walk to the heart of the city, and 20-25 minute stroll to the Northern Quarter – although there are so many taxi’s around.


A very lovely evening was had in good old Manchester! My review of the Radisson Blu Edwardian will be following, so keep a look out…

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  1. January 30, 2018 / 2:09 pm

    I visited this place a few weeks ago, that steak was insanely good. Lovely write up, thanks for sharing 🙂

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