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avocado nice cream
For those who know me or regularly read What Emma Did, you’ll know I’m touch and go with dairy. It’s not that I’m allergic or intolerant, I just happen to breakout really bad when I have too much of it. And yes – this is incredibly annoying for me. Pizza, milkshakes, cheesy garlic bread… all the foods I have to try and limit. But the worse, by far, has to ice cream. Now seriously: what is the world without ice cream?

When I spent a year over in Australia, I was teased everyday by amazing Gelato parlors, all lining Bondi Beach. I guess it’s a case of trying to limit myself to the odd dairy treat, along with thinking of other ways to ‘fake’ these type of foods. One of the newest foodie finds I’ve come across recently is ‘Nice Cream’ – you can probably guess by the name that this isn’t real ice cream. I discovered this from when I was searching for some recipes for home-made ice-cream for a one off weekend treat, and found these recipes on The recipes feature a range of tasty and sweet ice-cream flavours, all made with eggs, cream and whole milk.

nice cream
Now let me tell you – these recipes are the best. Egg heavy ice-cream recipes with full fat milk really do produce the thickest and creamiest ice-creams. You can have so much fun adding flavours such as salted caramel too! However, I realised that I also needed to find a healthier, dairy-free alternative to this yummy dessert, which lead me to uncover ‘nice cream’…

‘Nice Cream’ is basically ice-cream made from frozen bananas. It really is that simple. Here is a step by step, super quick method to creating a dairy-free alternative to one of the nation’s favourite desserts…

1. Slice two bananas into coins and place them in a bag in the freezer overnight.

2. The next day, blend the frozen bananas with almond or soya milk at a high speed until it reaches a smooth and creamy consistency- just like ice cream.

banana nice cream

3. To make a flavoured version, throw in frozen blueberries, or peanut butter, at the stage of the blending. Be a little more creative and throw in crushed almonds, manuka honey or dark chocolate chunks.

4. Another tip is to decorate with sliced bananas, coconut shavings or flaxseed to add some texture too.

Before signing off, I’ll leave you with another alternative I have got to try out this weekend too, and that’s Avocado ‘nice-cream’. Yep, just peel and chop up ripe avocados and throw them into the blender along with the frozen bananas, for an uber creamy, even healthier ice cream option…


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