Food: Ezra and Gil Manchester Review

You all know by now that I love putting together a good old food review, especially in Manchester. So here’s a little round-up from my recent visits to the Northern Quarters Ezra & Gil – a quirky, corner cafe offering breakfast, lunch and all day brunch, as well as copious amounts of coffees, cakes, juices and smoothies.

If you’re familiar with the Northern Quarter, you’ll know about Stevenson Square. Ezra and Gil sits close to this, situated on the corner of Hilton Street, nestled in the middle of all the cool indie bars, eateries, coffee shops and retail units.

I’ve walked passed it many times, and spied lots of what I can only judge as freelancers, working away on their laptops at the window seats, gazing out at the Northern Quarter.

First up – I love an independent place to visit rather than a chain. And this one is unique and individual as it gets, with hand written boards offering it’s hot drink selection and smoothies.

Price wise, you’re not doing too bad. £2.40 for either your loose leaf teas in a teapot to stay in, or your loaded hot chocolate with marshmallows is pretty reflective of the Northern Quarter.

I had both the Spearmint tea and the Gunpowder Green – both extremely tasty, and I had about 3 full cups plus a half from the tea pot.

What I was super impressed with was ‘all the extras’ – I could see on their chalk boards that they offer all the healthy smoothie options of superfood juices and smoothie blends, even superfood bowls. I spied all the wierd and the wonderful on those boards, including beetroot juice.

Perhaps the Beet juice isn’t for me, but it’s good to see it appear.

Following that, Ezra and Gil offer an all day brunch, so you can pretty much feast on all the eggs and avocado at any time of the day. There’s a few snippets of the menus below.

I chose the Smashed Avocado, Poached Egg, Crumbled Feta, Lime and Chillis on Sourdough when I was here around 11 am on a weekday. Let me tell you – they are real generous with the avocado portions. My two slices of sourdough came piled high with lashings of the stuff, all thick and chunky and creamy.

I spied a few people getting the pancakes and the porridge around me, and that looked dreamy too.

If you’re into your whole breakfast and brunch Australian style, with healthier, thicker, more tastier breads piled high with smoked salon, eggs of all kinds, avocado etc, you’re in the right place!

Dare I say they also have an impressive cake selection. I eyed this a few times whilst up at the counter relentlessly ordering more of the Spearmint tea. However, I restrained myself and didn’t get to try them…

On my second visit, I opted for the humous and avocado toasted sourdough with walnuts, tomatoes and rocket leaves. You can tell my heart lies with Avocado. However, it’s the Poke Bowls that intrigued me, and I’ll be ordering those on my next visit. They are basically bowls of sushi rice with all the shredded veggies and sesame seeds you expect from sushi meals, and then you can add in prawn or chicken etc…

Definitely one for trying next time.

I’d very highly recommend this place for a fab location for brunch with the girls, a coffee catch up, or even an after work meet up in a relaxed atmosphere. It would even work as a cool place to go on a relaxed, casual first date, if you both appreciate coffee (and cake!).

Also seems popular for the freelancer who works from Manchester’s coffee’s shops. A true little gem in the heart of the NQ.

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