Food: Brunch at 19 Cafe Bar, Manchester Review

OK, this post is purely sharing what I call one of Manchester’s hidden gems when it comes to brunch. Now you all know how much of a foodie I am, especially if you follow me on Instagram. I tend to talk about breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea, lunch, dinner and drinks a lot on the blog, so I’d like to say I know a good shining star of a place when I see one…

And this brings me to review 19 Cafe Bar for you, situated on Lever St, close to Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester City Centre.

Now I’ve been before and loved the place, which you can find here. However, since my last visit, the menu has had a little revamp, so I was super excited to head back here and check it out.

19 Cafe Bar is a tucked away haven, dedicated to brunch, lunch, and cocktails. It has a unique, urban feel inside with it’s brick walls, wooden tables and hanging lights, but it’s the extensive brunch menu that really impresses me.

There are so many places in Manchester competing to offer the best of the best breakfasts, brunches and lunches, but in my opinion, they fall down due to one main thing: menu choices.

So many places offer around 5-6 key brunch options. But if you’re a real foodie like me, you’ll like being a little spoilt for choice. I like being a little stuck when it comes to making my food choice because there are so many god damn tasty dishes listed in front of me. Simple!

And this is why 19 Cafe Bar stands out. You have all the traditional offerings, such as a Big English Breakfast, a Small English Breakfast (great to get the choice of size!),  Veggie Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine and Granola/pastry options.

But then they have some more unique offerings, such as the new Vegan Breakfast (which I happened to order – again not Vegan – just love vegetable sausages and any dish with avocado…) the new 19 Signature Fritter Stack (a pile up of Sweetcorn, feta, red onion, coriander fritters stacked on a bed of smashed avo and fresh tomato, topped with a poached egg), a Veggie Burger (Spiced sweet potato, chickpea & spinach patty, topped with grilled halloumi & spiced tomato mayo, with lettuce, red onion and tomato on a brioche bun. Served with homemade smokey ‘slaw), pancake stacks, panninis and barms with multiple fillings, and open bagels, again with mulitple fillings.


I decided to try out the new Vegan Breakfast, which as I mentioned above, is purely because a) I love a good plated breakfast, b) it comes with a large serving of smashed avocado, and c) I’m addicted to real vegetable sausages – not the ones that use a vegan version of replica meat – but actual vegetables stuffed inside them. Mmmmm, delicious.

As you can see from the photo, the service was a reasonably large size, with x2 Vegan sausages, smashed avocado, tomato,
mushrooms, beans and a huge slice of toasted garlic ciabatta.

The prices reflect the size and the quality. So the Vegan Breakfast comes in at £8, and they serve up all brunch meals until 3pm. So you can even have this for lunch…

I genuinely enjoyed the Vegan Breakfast, and would happily recommend this to vegans and non-vegans who love a bit of afternoon brunch. However, because the menu simply spoils me for choice, I’m eager to return to try out the fritter stack, or even the pancakes, which on social media look absolutely incredible.

One thing I do want to add to this review is that 19 Cafe Bar serve up a really yummy soya milk latte. I find that some coffee places can make these really strong and bitter, but the ones I get at 19 Cafe Bar are incredibly creamy and milky, without that bitter after taste.

You can also get brunch cocktails, including my favourite Espresso Martini, Screwdriver or a Bloody Mary, for £5 each.

I highly recommend this place!


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