Filorga Oxygen Glow Review

You all know I’m obsessed with my skincare, and I’m especially keen to try out products which promote a healthy, radiant glow. My skin is always dull looking due to pigmentation and sluggish cell turnover. So if I can get the help of a skincare range that boosts its glow power, I’m all on board.

The latest products for my skin that I have been reviewing are from Filorga – a brand focused on anti aging revolutions and are inspired by aesthetic medicine. I’ve used Filorga in the past when I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a special launch.

I say ‘lucky’ because Filorga products are rated exceptionally high, and because they aim to provide cosmetic products which give results similar to those achieved by injectables is something pretty special in my eyes. Encapsulated hyaluronic acid at it’s finest.

Anyway, I’ll stop going on about ingredients too much, as I could waffle on about skincare forever. Lets get down to the review.

What is Filorga Oxygen Glow?

Oxygen Glow is one of the more newer collections from French skincare experts, Filorga. The brand – as lightly touched on above – promises to be a “#NOFILTERSKIN range for perfect skin in any type of lighting, with no trickery or cheating.”

The pride themselves by using pioneering ingredients and technologies to treat flaws in real time. This includes using

*Energising Oxygen Booster – inspired by medical oxygenating treatments; optimises how oxygen is transported inside the cells to boost their energy production.

*Smoothing and plumping Hyaluronic Acid – harnesses water inside the tissues and stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the dermis.

*.Detoxifying L-Enzyme – traps free radicals as soon as they form, to protect the skin and limit the aging process.

*Photoperfector HD Technology – gives the formulas their pink appearance and contains a combination of optical soft-focus creators and brightening pearl particles, to instantly brighten

The first product I was excited to try out is the FILORGA Oxygen-Glow Cream.

FILORGA Oxygen-Glow Radiance Cream

The Oxygen-Glow Radiance Cream is said to be a product designed for giving that fresh faced, plumped up radiance we all long for. It does it by packing in high amounts of hyaluronic acid with clarifying L-enzyme, in order to improve the skin’s brightness and enable a radiant complexion.

I found that after I applied it twice a day for a week – morning and night – I had visibly plumped up skin with a notice increase in restored hydration. In fact, I would say I noticed the plumped up, fresh effect after day three.

It feels silky when massaged into the skin, yet absorbs quickly, leaving a lovely looking subtle sheen on the skin, which I like to think is it’s way of bringing out that glow we all have (which likes to hide!).

This radiance cream works to visibly improve the skin whilst maintaining a natural looking appearance. And I have to say, my skin certainly looked healthier after applying it. I’d describe it as ‘more awake’, like it suddenly had benefited from a good drink of water and had kicked back into action.

As this moisturising face cream is infused with an energising oxygenation booster to plump and smooth the complexion, I feel like its worth trying if you suffer lacklustre, dull skin. A glowing moisturiser if I ever did see one!

FILORGA Oxgyen-Glow Eye Cream

I have a huge promblem with my under eye area, but sadly it’s one that advanced products can’t help too much with. I have baggy lines underneath, which as much as they are probably made worse by staring at computers and being dehydrated a lot of the time, I think genetics and aging just bring them on, too.

It’s important for me to understand that unless I grin and bear having a Tear Trough treatment (which I’m too scared to have!), I need the reliance of a brightening eye cream. This one has good reviews, so I was keen to give it a whirl.

If you want to get a bit science mad with me, it is enriched with a tetrapeptide that acts on vascular permeability to reduce the “leakage” of haemoglobin. This helps to reduce the dark discolouration under the eyes.

Alongside this, it refreshes, hydrates and detoxifies the eye contour, which are all essential for a brighter, happier looking under eye area.

What I noticed after day two is that this cream creates a subtle highlighting effect, a light shimmery radiance, which gives a glow immediately. But wait for it – this means it can be doubled up! I’ve been spreading the cream further so can be used as a subtle highlighter on the tops of my cheeks, complimenting my contour ever so slightly.

Overall thoughts…

My overall thoughts for the eye cream are extremely positive. It’s not going to completely get rid of lines and baggy areas, but for me for I absolutely love the instant brightening effect that it gives. Not forgetting it’s double useage as a highlighter, and that it also primes the skin perfectly for makeup and boosts its radiant effect. I apply it to my lids for an eyeshadow primer too!

You really only need the lightest of application, which sets into the skin quickly with this beautiful glowy finish. An essential for me especially on those no makeup days!

You can find out more about both of these lovely products at the FILORGA website here. Products can also be purchased at Debenhams too.

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