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It’s official – I have a new addiction. The good news is that it’s actually an addiction to something healthy, which is a nice refreshing change to my usual full fat coke and chocolate consumption (on a regular basis, may I add). For the new year I wanted to try and make a few changes to maintain a healthier lifestyle, so stumbling across this product was a bit of a blessing!

My new addiction lies with the Feel Good Drinks Company, who have a line of drinks made from fruits such as Orange, Passionfruit, Mango, Apple and Blueberry. Where as most drinks companies have started to anger their consumers by claiming their products contain no added sugar, when in actual fact there is often 7 0r 8 sugar lumps (3 teaspoons!) added to their fruit drinks. Most people know that fruit naturally contains occuring sugars, therefore know there is no need to add extra refined sugar to drinks.

So it looks like The Feel Good Drinks Company are leading the way by encouraging consumers to opt for drinks that are sweetened naturally by fruit, and to dump the drinks with added sugar lumps. Steve Cooper, one of the founders of the company, says:
“Quite simply we believe that when someone choses a juice drink, they want fruit, not sugar. Thats why all our drinks are made with absolutly no added sugar or artificial ingreidients. We are backing the campaign to dump the lumps and believe that brands should make it clear if they have added sugar to their drinks to allow consumers to make informed decisions when they are looking for healthy options.”

I know that it wont be just me out there who wants to try and get into a better eating habit regime, so I personally reccommend trying one of these drinks and see what you think. They come in an amazing range of fruit choices, my favorite is the Sparkling Orange and Passionfruit, followed closely by the still Cloudy Lemon. They are so fruity and tangy and really refreshing, especially after a gym session, a nice change from my usual bottle of tap water!

The drinks come in a range of still and sparkling juices, and in an attractive mixture of glass and plastic packaging.

So if you want to grab a drink on the go with the understanding you are drinking real fruit juice with no added sugar, then you can guarantee that Feel Good Drinks can deliver that promise to you. I am that obsessed with the Sparkling Orange and Passionfruit I just can’t stop buying it! Also check out the companies website, it has such a cute theme! Enjoy!

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