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what emma did emma campbell
what emma did emma campbell

We may have just entered September, but holiday season hasn’t officially ended just yet! A few people have asked me a couple of times over the Summer about what beauty products they should bring with them when they head off to the Beach. It kind of got me thinking that when I go to the Beach on holiday, I do the complete opposite and try to leave all my beauty regimes and products back in the apartment – I use the Beach as quality relaxation time – just me, my sun cream protected skin, and the heat of the rays. The only beauty products or skincare I really seem to pack in my beach bag is Sun Protection products.

In light of answering the queries, I have put together today’s post to show you exactly what was in my beach bag for my recent trip to Barcelona, and why I pack what I do! I have also took part in the ‘What’s in my Beach Bag’ series with South Beach, therefore have answered some direct questions below too which will appear over on their blog this month…

Here’s an insider look, with my three key tips first, followed by a sneak preview of the South Beach Series questions…

Tip 1. Always invest in a good quality, roomy beach bag.
If you think about it, beach days can be long and tiring. I usually have a walk somewhere first, stop for brunch, head to the beach, then finish the day with a stroll or a drink/food stop off later on. Your beach bag should be large and strong enough to fit all your daily needs in comfortably. Not forgetting that beach towel, the most bulky item of your trip! I have a nautical themed beach bag from a jewellery brand called Ti Sento – they actually don’t retail beach bags as part of their collection, but I received this as a brand gift and I absolutely love it. Very ‘sea themed’!

south beach
south beach

Tip 2. It’s all about the beach towel
I love having a beach towel that reflects my holiday fashion style, and also represents ‘me’. After all, it creates a mini bed on the beach, and also needs to be lovely enough for wrapping around you and genuinely making a pretty display on the sand! My favourite is this gorgeous fluffy pink South Beach towel in the photo above, from South Beach Official. It’s uber girly and cute, and stands out a mile on the beach!

Tip 3. As you pack, think ‘stylish protection’.
This made sound ridiculous, but it honestly helps me back my everyday beach needs, without forgetting to pack the things that help me look nice too! If you keep this in mind, you start thinking of the obvious such as sun cream, heat protection spray, lip shield… but then also nice stylish sun hats, oversized sunnies, kaftans, sun dresses… etc. Just try to bear it in mind when popping your favourites into the bag and you should tick everything off

Now for a sample of questions I have answered for the team at South Beach…

south beach
south beach
south beach
1. What are your top 3 beach beauty essentials?
Heat protection spray for my hair, a good pair of sunglasses to hide tired eyes, and a shimmery suntan lotion. It’s all about the skin and hair protection when spending hours lazing on the beach, and I couldn’t last five minutes without a decent pair of oversized shades!

2. What are your beauty preparations for a beach day?
I exfoliate my skin 24 hours before heading to the beach so that my skin is as clear, soft and unclogged as possible. Smooth skin really is the best for tanning, and genuinely appears brighter after a good scrub session. I also try to twist my hair into a bun or plait so that it can drop down into waves later on that day, but stylishly keep off my face when spending a day in the sun.

3. What products do you use for beach beautiful hair?
I use a Superdrug heat protection spray (pictured in my images) and also the Bumble and Bumble Salt Spray which helps create a loose, beachy wave. You just shake up and spray! It’s important to keep spritzing your hair with protection, especially if you suffer from dry hair or colour fade. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and just tie up your hair away from your face for a while.

4. Do you pack any make-up for the beach or are you an all-natural girl?
I’m all natural! Not my best look, but I’m a firm believer that natural beauty belongs on the beach. Any foundations, bronzers or concealers can cause break outs with the sun as they will clog up the skin when mixed with perspiration. I used to opt for a touch of water proof mascara but sometimes I even leave this alone now. If you do feel the need to wear any make-up during your beach trips, I’d just recommend a tinted moisturiser with a high SPF, a pop of blush, brushed eyebrows and a hint of mascara.

For the full interview, check out the South Beach blog later this week to see my top 10 beach themed Q&A session!

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