Fashion: Victoria Beckham Opens Debut London Store

Artist turned designer Victoria Beckham has unveiled her first store on Dover Street, London, putting her fashion collections on the map for those who prefer to shop designer in a boutique style setting. Beckham’s first store incorporates her dream on opening a standalone, and has more in common with a modern art museum than a traditional luxury designer store. “I wanted a space that was conceptual — but also warm and welcoming,” said Beckham to WWD during a tour of her store, prior to its official opening later this week.

victoria beckham

“There are a lot of people — the general public — who have continued on this journey with me, and I want everybody to feel welcome, whether they’re going to buy something, or whether they just want to come and check out the architecture. And I really wanted people to get a sense of me the minute walked through the door,” added the designer.

The entire store’s content, ranging from her entire product offering, to the store’s interior details, to the hangars and fitting in the dressing room, were selected personally by Victoria Beckham. However, with a very unique slant, the new store does lack one common feature that is present in nearly all stores – a cash register. The designer has instead opted to offer all transactions via in-store iPads, there by getting rid of the need for “ugly” cash desks. Very ultra-modern!

Victoria Beckham

A large concrete sliding door is the store’s entrance and passers-by are able to look directly into the store’s lower shop floor, which features the label’s accessories, VVB and Denim collections. The upper levels are home to Beckham’s ready-to-wear line and large dressing rooms, which feature bottle-green glass doors. It homes a polished concrete staircase connecting all three levels, stainless steel counters, metal clothing rails and golden chain hangers, whilst ceilings are decked out with stainless steel mirrors.

Part of the lower floor level space will also be used as a stockroom, for both the store as well as the label’s website. The designer noted “For the first time, it’s my designs, my vision. This is how I feel the clothes should be showcased, how I like them to be seen. That’s been very exciting for me — to be able to buy what I believe the customer wants.” Her vision is part of the reason why the shop floor remains so open, so it can change and keep up with the “constant flow” of new products.

Victoria Beckham

“We can play with how we merchandise things, and I think that’s a very modern way of shopping. So hopefully, every time somebody comes to the store it’s going to be a slightly different experience.” Beckham’s debut store is set to open today, so congratulations to Mrs Beckham on her grand opening!

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