Fashion: The Faux Fur Faux Leather Jacket

As a lover of all things lavish, you can probably imagine that I would be a fan of a soft, luxurious leather jacket complete with a full fur trim. A coat like this just screams premium style, it never dates, and it’s perfect for all occasions (except perhaps not the Summer months).

But, I do try to steer away from animal materials (so both leather and fur) plus I don’t have the bank account that lets me go splashing out on the finest Italian leathers and the softest of fur’s. But who needs to? That’s why the Faux Leather, Faux Fur trend came about!

This beautiful faux leather trench biker jacket comes with a detachable fur trim collar, so I started wearing it last month minus the fur, but now it’s very much firmly attached. Its crazy how much more the coat insulates me when I just add the faux fur, it literally adds so much warmth around my chest, neck and face (because I literally busy my chin into this!).

The jacket is from an online fashion wholesale retailer called J5 Fashion, who retail the most on-trend, ‘now’ fashion items so people can have the latest styles as soon as they trend. I’ve also got the most fabulous boots from there too which are coming up in my next fashion post this week.

I started wearing this coat assuming it would be an occasion jacket and one I’d wear mainly in the Autumn, but I’m that impressed with its warmth and comfort, I’ll be wearing it through the Winter too. After all, faux leather doesn’t get soaked either, so I can stay super trendy in the wet weather too.

Keep an eye out for my footwear post coming up …

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