Fashion: Styling Myself For Spring

Spring is here, and I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. As you may notice from the photo above, I’m wearing white. Shock, horror – I never wear white. Unless I’m on holiday, but even then I’ll try to opt for cream or off-white shades.

The white tie detail blazer in the photo above and below is from an online retailer called Femme Luxe Finery, and it caught my eye when I saw the model wearing it with a scoop neck top and skinny jeans.

It looked sooooo sassy, and super stylish too. OK so the model had a dark tan and long auburn brown hair, so she didn’t look as washed out as me, but I still wanted to give styling it up a go myself…

I actually love it – it’s got a smart little collar, and the tie detail means I can pull it in so that the blazer is the main focus of my outfit, or open it up to reveal whatever shirt/top I may want to showcase underneath. It’s a lovely snug fit, which is ideal for me as I love everything to be really fitted and avoid any loose fits or baggy-ness.

It’s called the Bella White Belted Blazer, and it retails at £19.99, which is totally affordable for a versatile jacket you can dress up or down. However, the best bit is that you can actually get 35% off anything at Femme Luxe Finery with my own discount code: EMMAC35 – how good is that?

That can be my Easter treat to you all!

However, I may have made the switch to lighter materials and cleaner colour palettes for Spring, but I’m still stuck in my ways when it comes to footwear.

I’m constantly wearing fitted black ankle boots, and I just can’t pull myself away from them. And always with a heel too – I’m just not a flat shoe wearer, possibly because I’m so damn short.

I could literally live in black heeled ankle boots – like my new EGO ones below – and I’ll be doing this right through Spring too.

I came across an informative infographic all about finding your perfect shoe, which made me consider my options when it comes to footwear a little more. It points out a few factors around what makes the perfect shoe, so I’ve decided to feature it here to finish up this blog post. You can also check out more info around the topic of perfect footwear.

A few things I need to take on board is genuine leather and arch support: two factors I ignore and that are detrimental towards the health of your feet.

Perhaps I need to have a little re-jig with my Spring footwear choices. Anyone else just stuck in a shoe rut and just keeps opting for high heeled black ankle boots? Feel free to give me some inspiration!

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