Fashion: Styling For Confidence with George at ASDA


Fashion – what exactly does it mean to you? Do you chose the clothes you wear purely because you like them, or because you think society says you should wear them? Do you only wear your own true, personal style, or do you cover up and wear things that don’t blow you away, but make you feel much more ‘safe’?

The above questions flashed into my head when I was recently in touch with clothing brand George at Asda. They touched on that in today’s world, which is filled with positive vibes, inspirations, ‘girlgang’ themes and social media to tell people how much you ‘like’ them (or their photo), people are still terrible at liking themselves. In a recent survey commissioned by George at Asda we found out that 41% of women feel unsatisfied with their body shape, and only 13% of women find compliments about their body shape to be believable. Quite shocking, right?

I have to be honest, as much as I know I have a slim frame and I’m happy with my figure, I still find it hard to ‘like’ myself. Us girls are our own worst enemies aren’t we? Always picking bits that we hate instead of celebrating what we love.  On my recent trip to Rhodes, it made me realise that although I’m happy with myself and appearance, I still tend to feel happier when covered up a little and ‘concealing’ myself.

I guess these days, I just don’t really hear that many compliments, let alone stopping to think about how I handle receiving them. People in this world need to be complimentary to each other -giving someone a compliment could be all they need to slowly boost their confidence and feel better about themselves…

IMG_5401 IMG_5400

In the photos above, I’m covering up with a cute little bolero style cover up from George, which made me feel a little happier when strutting around in just swimwear! I love bringing little items like this away on holiday with me, as you never know when you need them to throw over your shoulders and a touch of class to your swimwear…

The photos below show I’ve also been covering up, and then dressing down, with a key outfit I also selected from George. I picked this super cool jumpsuit from their dress range page, which I accessorised up with a lovely sun hat. For the days I wore the outfit back here at home, I popped a smart black top underneath. But for holidays, I wore it alone.
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I guess I’m fairly happy with myself and don’t feel the need to cover up, but just sometimes feel more comfortable when I do. It was actually really interesting to have a read of the survey that George at Asda ran, as it revealed some statistics I didn’t expect to see.

Here are just a few I pulled from it, but you can see the whole round-up here.

“We then asked participants how they felt about their body shape in general and the results of that question weren’t much more positive either – nearly half of women (41%) said they were unsatisfied with their current body shape. Those aged 35-44 seemed most unhappy with their body shape, whilst women aged 18-24 were most satisfied with their figures.”

“One of the saddest results of our survey was that only a mere 13% of all the women we questioned believed a compliment made (by anyone) in relation to their body shape was genuine. That means that the majority of us dismiss any nice comments made about our figure and believe them to be insincere!”

“When it comes to the reason for the compliment, the majority of women we spoke to said that they’d find a kind comment about their personality most believable and most sincere, whereas they’d dismiss a comment relating to their body shape or looks, believing it to be disingenuous.”

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