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It’s something that people take up for a new years resolution, but there’s nothing wrong with starting one in November – I’ve decided to take up running! The thought of it fills me with dread because I absolutley deteste the ‘sport’, but I’ve recently just cancelled my gym membership as I’m moving to the city centre, plus there’s a canal that runs alongside my new apartment so it’s only expected that I can go for nice jogs along the canal on weekends! Shuddering already at the thought.

Because I’m such a girly girl I don’t own much sporty clothing, however I’ve always been a fan of dancing and zumba classes, so I set out to look for a more dance themed training clothes range, which lead me to Pineapple Clothing. Pineapple Dance Studios is a brand name well known to all of us, but I have never actually owned any of the clothing before. So I picked out a bright pink pair of jogging bottons and a lovely white hooded top as my new casual training wear!

I’m loving the brand already and wore my lovely shocking pink joggers to zumba last week. They have quite a cool and stylish feel to the brand because of the whole ‘dance studio’ branding, so you feel as if your wearing a ‘lifestyle’ brand – one which is trendy, popular, comfy, casual and affordable. The ranges are great, from having a look at their website they provide what I like to call a full lifestyle service, including hoodies and jackets, trousers, t-shirts, accessories, bags, jewellery, a men’s range and a fully listed service of classes to motivate you! So as well as wearing the fab work-out clothing, you can participate in a range of classes such as ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap!

Pineapple world!

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