Fashion: Outfit Essentials for Sun, Sea and Sand

While winter might be right around the corner, we’re all still dreaming of summer. If you’re one of the lucky few that get to whisk off this chilly season to steal some winter sun, summer might not actually be that far off. In either case, most of us are already planning our next beach outfit. This time around, I’m going for a mixture of cute and practical, making sure all essentials are on hand, and essentially adorable.

For my next trip to the beach, here’s what I’m bringing.

Swimsuit (of course)

This one is pretty obvious, but that’s why it’s first. If you’re heading somewhere with sun, sea and sand, odds are, you’ll want to have a swimsuit on and ready when the mood to splash strikes. These days the swimsuit potential is a little overwhelming, so start by either going with what you’re most comfortable in or identifying your body shape and see what style might suit your figure. It’ll at the very least point you in the right direction or give you a sense of what you don’t want.

A breezy cover-up

Cover-ups are non-negotiable when heading to the beach, even in a million-degree weather. You never know when you might need to head into a nearby restaurant or beach bar, or even when the weather might turn. The best cover-ups are light and breezy. A kaftan, a sarong, a pair of shorts and a tee or even just an oversized scarf you can wrap around your waist will do the trick. Just something simple you can throw on if you need to hunt for a cocktail.

Ankle-strap sandals

This is for the ‘sand’ portion of the sun, sea and sand. We’ve all been there when, walking along the beach the edges of our sandals get trapped in the sand. Pretty soon they’re flinging in every direction. For this reason, ankle-strap sandals are the way to go, as they’ll stay secured around your feet until you find your coveted sunbathing spot.

A floppy hat

A soft, floppy beach hat isn’t just ideal for keeping the sun out of your face – they’re pretty adorable, too. Gone are the days where floppy beach hats were just reserved for our grandmas. Now, they’re such a beach staple that you can get them just about everywhere and in a wide range of styles. Straw, felt, stripey or with a cute ribbon – we’ll take one of each.

A roomy tote

If we’re going to be bringing all this kit with us to the beach, we’re going to need something in which to carry it. And they don’t have to be big monster bags, either. Some of the cuties on this list from the Telegraph are pint-sized and ideal if you travel light. But the rest of us will do just fine with an oversized straw bag we can pack our whole worlds into.

Cute shades

Sunglasses are another beach staple that tick both the adorable box and the practical one, too. Sunglasses help protect our eyes against sun damage and cataracts, but are also essential on a basic level like, um, when you need to spot your friends as they head out into the waves and the sun is glaring at you from directly overhead. What’s more is, sunglasses are such beach biggies that they fall on all points of the spending scale – you can grab an ultra-affordable pair from ASOS or splurge on a trendy set of Ray Bans.

A water-resistant wristlet

If you’re already bringing along a tote, this one might sound like something that falls into the what-not-to-pack category, but wristlets are handy when you want to make a quick loo run but don’t necessarily want to lug along your entire bag. All you need is something compact that you can whack your mobile, keys and money into, and that easily loops around your wrist. I’m partial to these adorable water-resistant wristlets from Hayden Reis.

Now that we’ve got our outfits planned, it’s straight to the beach.

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