Fashion: Nude Jewellery Christmas Pick

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how unique and uber stylish the Ethereal and Irezumi collection from Nude Jewellery is? I’m a huge fan of statement, show stopping accessories, which worn with simple outfits really give clothes that ‘kick’. Everyone has their own taste in accessories and styles up jewellery differently, and I am either a fan of precious, dainty pendant necklaces and studs worn together, or a large ‘wow’ piece that does all the talking.

As it’s the start of the Christmas season, I’m going to leave my delicate chains in the jewellery box for now and opt for some bold collars and cuffs. So today, I took to browsing on contemporary jewellery website Nude Jewellery to make my Christmas pick! And look what I fell in love with…

collarTa da! This gorgeous Black and Red acrylic choker, £180 by British designer Joanna Bury, combines the deep colours of Christmas with a slightly gothic, ethereal twist, using engraved tribal patterns to provide an ultra modern look. It’s got a lot of intricate detailing going on – yet still looks clean- just how I like my statement pieces!

This striking collar will look beautiful set against a shift dress in a simple block colour of white, black, red, gold or emerald for the party months, and even has a matching cuff and bangle to go with it! The statement choker is my ultimate Christmas pick from Nude Jewellery, however I’m just going to showcase it’s matching pieces below so you can see how cool this collection is. I feel all glamorous just browsing the range!

cuff bangle

Nude Jewellery have got some stunning pieces in their collections at the moment, so if your wanting some Christmas jewellery inspiration either for yourself or for a friend, take a look and let me know what your Christmas picks would be!

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