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I’m sure you’ve all been wondering to yourselves this week about our non-existent Summer. I know, it’s been rubbish – I’m not sure I remember us having a full on seven days of sunshine at all throughout 2012.  As crazy as this next bit might sound, I’m actually feeling quite happy to have September well under way. I’m a sucker for dressing for the colder weather, and I’m also getting excited for Christmas already! Sorry to all those reading this who might be shaking their heads – that’s just me – I prefer layering clothes and wearing thick tights and digging out the snuggly hats!

The worst thing I personally find is entering winter and realising that as much as that Primark scarf kept me warm last year, it’s last years fast fashion and it’s already started to hole. This year I’m shopping to a new ‘motto’ so to say – I’m investing in quality winter accessories that can be a staple wardrobe piece year after year.

That leads me to introduce my newest find – Moodys. It’s a Town & Country Accessories website, focusing on using quality British textiles. Retailing for both men and women, Moody’s offers a selection of scarves, pashminas, shawls, sarongs, cufflinks, ties, silk handkerchiefs to name a few. I love that the website was founded on the principles of quality, tradition and heritage, showcasing itself as a classic British style destination that prides itself on creating timeless designs for the most discerning of customers.

It’s focus is primarily on accessories, ensuring that all the pieces created are made with great craftsmanship and attention to detail. To me, I love wearing a piece that has been made with love and care, and knowing it’s made with the best quality is truly reassuring. The only problem is, as much as I love the quality products currently out there, sometimes it’s not practical for me to pay £200 for a 100% wool designer scarf or pashmina. That’s what I love about Moody’s – when browsing their luxury pashmina selection, I found some beautifully made designs for £50. These are some of my favorites…

Pashminas and Stoles from Moody’s

Left to Right: Leopard Print Silk and Wool Stole, £50, Zebra Design Baby Pink Silk and Wool Stole, £50, Embroider Border Silk Stole £50.

And take a look at some of the lovely scarves too, the designs are really unique and have that high-end appearance.

Scarves from Moodys

Left to Right: Abstract Pattern Scarf £15, Disc Print Scarf £20, Tie Dye Scarf £15.

A selection of scarves at Moodys

Left to Right: Leopard Print Sarong £15, Quarters Scarf £40, Geometric Print Scarf £20.
I know we’re only in September, but if you’ve got a husband, boyfriend, or just a man friend who likes the finer things in life, and value quality made accessories, then this could be the site for you when it comes to your Christmas shopping! Have a look at the selection of cufflinks, ties, caps, wallets, I’m sure you’ll find something amongst the many options that will fashionable suit your fella!

I know I’ll be putting a fair few ladies accessories from Moody’s on my wish list!

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