Fashion: Layer Up For Summer

It may sound bizarre if you’re told that ‘layering-up’ is an actual trend for Spring/Summer 2012, but worn the right way with a sheer, brezzy feel, you’re actually onto this Summer’s hottest look.

The twist on this trend is ‘to reveal’ – so think of dresses to the floor with sheer layers, skirts that are unbuttoned and shorts peeping through oversized coats. The general feel of the trend is a fresher colour palette and much lighter fabrics, using around 2 garments to successfully create the layering look. The key here is to drape, yet show a flash of skin, usually the legs (so get the tan out!)

It’s sexy, sophisiticated, modern and very unusual for summer – layering is always seen as a ley trend for the winter months. If you’re nottoo sure how to create this look for yourself, here are the main ways to create the look:

Layering a skirt over a sheer: Wearing a dress or skirt with a draped, sheer layer peeping through underneath. This shape replicates the look of 50’s housewife styling – very glamorous!

Skirt-Splitting Layers. The easiest and most practical way to wear this trend is with split layer skirts. These styles are everywhere, mainly in dresses and maxi skirts, where the front of the skirt splits right to the top, revealing a mini layer underneather. This loo can be worn with shirts, vests or fitted tops if worn with skirts, or you can wear this look as a dress. There’s loads of styles over at ASOS and Topshop if your unsure where to look!

Side Splitting Layers: Another way to rock this trend – and the least daring of all- is to discretley have the layers showing to the side. Again, works great with a floor lenght dress or skirts, with the split falling right to the side of the leg. The underneathe layer could be a mini skirt, stretch panel or sheer fabric. This look only really ‘flashes’ a little bit of leg, so if your just starting off with the trend and a little skeptical, this is ideal!

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