Fashion: Key Fashion Trends for 2018

Now that January has drawn to a close, it’s time to start looking at the emerging fashion trends for 2018.  So many of you have been asking me whats expected to be big fashion-wise in 2018, so I thought its the perfect excuse to put a little bit of a blog post together…

Whilst I always encourage those of you who are keen to maintain your individuality and express your personality through your unique sense of style and fashion credentials, there’s no harm in taking a look at what’s hot on the catwalk this year. Especially if you have an event to plan for a little further down the line. So here’s a couple set to be big…

Pastel Hues

While pastels in the past have been very much the realm of ‘boring’ and slighhtly old-fashioned, they are returning to the catwalk with a vengeance. Lilacs, creams and pinks are bringing a touch of femininity to the high street stores with shades of rose and peach dominating. Victoria Beckham has styled some of her more formal tailored pieces towards the pastel tones this season. For me personally, I can’t get enough of soft pinks – especially pale rose.

The delicate nature of this years pastel colours are echoed in the lighter and softer chiffon and silk fabrics used to make the garments. While pastels are a leap from the bold colours of last season, they may be worth considering for your summer wardrobe. Even jumpers and cardigans is soft pastels are rocking the catwalks…

Fringing, Add-on’s And Ruffles

Anything that adds texture to a dress or top is in this season. Alexander McQueen and Valentino were keen to showcase their highly texturised pieces at the fashion shows last year. The sculptured nature of the attire makes it harder to wear every day. However, if you have an evening function or soiree that requires a formal and fashionable look, you could opt for a fringed pencil skirt or a ruffled evening dress.

Sleeves with a ‘bit-of-a-difference’ are set to be massive for 2018, whether its a flare detail or a little frill. Luckily, I have this loose sleeve detail dress from Miss Selfridge I purchased in December that I can use to represent this one!

Floral Prints

Gentle floral designs have been around for the past couple of seasons and show no signs of going away. Intricate horticultural designs, as well as large bold flower prints, have been seen in the high street on tops, trousers and skirts. You could be off on your summer holiday this year with your sunny style dress complete with floral print, and you’d be bang on trend when taking a walk along the beach.

Or, you can wear them in a more grown-up, sensible way, in the form of classic blouses and blazers. Rose and petal prints on graphic tee’s and shirts will be gracing the High Street from March onwards, so keep an eye out. My favourite item I own which reflects this trend is this pretty little crop shirt from Motel Rocks.


The stone wash and faded look of denim mirrors the love people have for all things vintage at the moment. Raiding your wardrobe for a pair of 1990s Levis means that you are reusing and recycling fashion rather than going out and buying new pieces.

Jackets, jeans and jeggings all remain en vogue and can be worn formally or casually depending on your mood. You could dress up your skinny jeans with a pair of chunky heels for a night on the town, or you could pair them with your flats for a day in the park. Jeans really are the perfect piece of clothing to match any occasion. As well as skinny jeans being the ‘fitting’ trend, keep an eye out for flare details coming back in later on in the year too.

Faux Fur

Faux fur remains strong for 2018, but it will also have a slight twist: the big key trend is all about faux shearling. So you know all the Teddy style coats that have been rocking the stores and catwalks throughout December and January? Expect much more of them!

For me, its a great excuse to keep wearing my faux fur collar coat I purchased towards the end of 2017. I guess my next step up will be a Teddy coat purchase (called ‘Teddy’ because they actually resemble the texture and material from the traditional teddy bear!). I’m all for staying warm and snuggly, so I’m pretty pleased to see this trend coming through…

As we all know, fashion moves ridiculously fast. What was on trend one season can be seen as passe the next, but it also works itself round the cycle pretty quickly! So don’t go throwing out your pieces from last season just yet because you never know when they will become fashionable once again.

Even though designer wear is exquisite to admire and you’re always guaranteed the quality, venturing to High St brands means you can follow the trends without breaking the bank. And of course, you can always rely on Primark to present the very latest fast fashions at possibly the most affordable prices in the retail world if you want some quick turn-around buys!


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