Fashion: How to Shop on a Budget

So, how much do you love fashion? Do you love that rush of adrenalin when you purchase some stylish new clothes? I’m guessing the answer is yes, but not enough to get stressed out with, especially when it comes to saving money and trying not to splurge. As a fashion blogger, no matter how much I love exploring new brands and putting together outfits, owning some killer heels or statement accessories, I can vouch that staying on trend isn’t worth skinting yourself out for.

So now that a new year has arrived, and it’s the perfect time to make those saving goals – how can you make sure that you stay in fashion, but without breaking the bank and actually can still save up?

I’ve put together a few of my own personal tips with how I manage to balance the ‘new clothes shop’ rule and the ‘save up’ rule. Because lets face it, both are equally as important!

Second Hand Shops

The first way of being a budget fashionista is to check out the charity shops in your area. No,  these aren’t quite the goldmines that they used to be, unfortunately. That’s because many fashion savvy people have realised that charity shopsare a great way to find retro and vintage items at knock down prices. However, you’ll still find the odd bargain, especially if you have a vintage style.

Look out for fur coats, fedora hats and pleated skirts for this season 70’s inspired trend that would match perfectly with this little number. Don;t disregard market stalls either. They are usually the best locations to source unique items you won’t find anywhere else!

Use Discounts

Another way of staying on trend without it costing the earth is to make use of all the discounts that are available. Students NUS cards allow a percentage discount from major clothes stores such as Topshop and Newlook. Even if you haven’t got one yourself, maybe you can find a friend that will help you out?

Store cards are another good idea, as these often offer special discount days, where you can purchase items for less that the ticket price, or offer points with purchases which result to offers. Just be careful to pay them off quickly. Otherwise, any savings you make will get swallowed up in interest payments.

However, the first thing I do when I shop is to always search for discount vouchers when you are shopping online. It only takes a few minutes and can you can save serious money. You can even sign up to sites such as PlusVoucherCode to get the current deals sent to your inbox, so you never miss a promotion. From trips away, to fashion retailers and spa treatments, you can benefits anything from 20% off to buy 1 get 1 free.

Check Out Auction Sites

Another valuable resource for budget fashionistas is online auction sites like Ebay. Buyer’s remorse is a strong emotion, and you can usually see it in full force on these sites where folks have splurged on items they now regret purchasing. So they put them up for auction, usually at hugely discounted prices in an attempt to gain back some of the money they have spent. I sell pretty much all my old clothing on ebay, and even those unwanted Christmas presents, and even my dresses from my own boutique that are last seasons trend (that I’ll sell cheaper).

Take advantage of this and grab yourself a bargain by keeping BNWT and BNWOT items on watch (Brand New With/Out Tags). Set up a notification too so your phone will remind you when the auction is about to end and you can swoop in and win the item.

Throw a Dress Exchange Party

Lastly, a way that both you and your friends can stay on point without spending a penny is to throw a dress exchange party. Of course, you don’t have to just exchange dresses you can bring any items of clothing and accessories too. The idea is that you get a credit for each item you bring, and credits can be exchanged for other items other people have put into the pile to swap. Read more about how to set these up here.

Just a few tips to take you through the first season of 2017 staying stylish, but savvy!




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