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Working in the fashion industry is a tough nut to crack; it’s a highly competitive industry that is both fast-paced and demanding. With that being said, it’s a rewarding industry to work in, especially if you’re inventive, creative and focused. Like any graduate or young professional hoping to find their dream job, getting into the fashion industry can sometimes feel like a real struggle.

I’ve worked in the fashion industry in PR, Marketing and Journalism for over 15 years. It’s pretty cut-throat, but when you’re passionate, you’ll love it because you’re just created to work within this field (and you just can’t stay away!). Over the 15 years, I’ve seen huge changes to the industry, especially from the days I specialised in visual merchandising and magazine journalism, to the now hands-on social content, video and photo shoot era…

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking for a new opportunity within the industry, Manchester fashion wholesaler Parisian offer some helpful advice that can guide you on your way to a new career in the fashion industry. As I often get messages and emails about working in this industry, I thought it would be nice to share their tips…

Find Your Area Of Interest

Within the fashion industry there are multiple areas that might interest you; there’s so much more to it than being a high-flying fashion designer. Public relations, fashion journalism, buying and merchandising are all crucial parts of the industry that work just as hard.

Likewise, you might want to follow the path of a trend researcher, pattern maker or sketcher. Once you look into the vast range of careers within the industry, it can help you forge your path to success. Many people who want to work in fashion often want to make the clothes themselves or design their own clothing, but it doesn’t stop there!

Social media has also opened up new career paths within the Fashion industry. There are now roles out there for Social Media Managers, Fashion Influencer Managers, Fashion Influencers themselves, and content creators. There are more roles available now in fashion than ever before…

Find Plenty Of Work Experience

The old catch 22 of any industry is trying to get work experience; often, you need experience to get experience which can be very frustrating for candidates! However, don’t be put off by your frustrations; keep looking and sending out applications.

Getting on to a fashion internship is the best place to start; be prepared to start at the bottom and use the internship as a way to develop your skills and gain first-hand experience in the industry. Another important tip to remember is there’s more to the fashion world than Vogue. Many new candidates will aim high and hope to get into the fashion industry’s top dogs, but you may fare better by going for smaller, local start-ups. These smaller players can offer you great opportunities and you’ll probably receive more recognition and learn more.

Why not reach out to some of your favourite independent fashion brands on Instagram and see if they need any help in the studio, or shadowing at events to get you started? And remember, its useful you you to get a first hand experience of what area it is you think you’ll love, and you mainly learn this from being thrown into a job and actually ‘doing’ tasks.

Network Where You Can

As is the case in many industries, it’s not what you know but who you know. Persistence is key, and you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out to people. Networking is so important in an industry like fashion, as it can put you in touch with the right people and you’ll hear about more opportunities.

Whether you actively reach out to people working in the industry, or you attend events centred around your interest, or even take on a fashion-related course, it’s crucial to talk to people and make sure you’re putting yourself out there.

Show Initiative

If you’re hoping to make a successful career for yourself, it pays well to show initiative from the beginning and build some foundations. Creating social media profiles or a blog that demonstrates your skill or interest can help back up your CV and show potential employers that you’re serious.

Likewise, you should ensure you’re always up to date with the latest trends and showing off your personal style, as well as making sure you understand what’s happening in the wider fashion industry. This can ensure you’re knowledgeable at all times; perfect if you suddenly land your dream job!

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