Fashion: A Fit To Flaunt Bra Fit Campaign at Ann Summers

First thoughts when someone mentions ‘Ann Summers’? Go on, say it……  thought as much! I know some of the words floating around your head. But amongst the more ‘rude’ things like dress up outfits and ‘accessories’, they are a very successful, well established lingerie retailer, with an extensive collection of good quality, stylish designed underwear that not only looks amazing, but super feminine and supportive for your body.

I was recently contacted about visiting my local store, on Manchester’s Market Street, and checking out the new Bra Fit service ‘A Fit To Flaunt’. Ann Summers recently conducted a survey into British bra buying behaviour and found that while over half of women claim to have had a bra fitting within the past 6 months, 60% are still wearing the wrong bra. Not that you are all interested in my personal bra news, but I am terrible with getting fitted. I haven’t been fitted for so long, and sometimes I’ll notice I am wearing a bra that is completely the worst, off-fitting bra I could possibly own. So a visit to Ann Summer’s Fit to Flaunt was well overdue.


Once I arrived in store, I was taken into the fitting rooms and discussed my current bra size with the assistant. She looked at my body type and suggested my back size is possibly a size smaller than the current bra I had on. She took to the shop floor and brought a selection in for 32B, but with adjustable straps that came all the way round and not just half way, as I have a slim body frame and often need tighter straps to secure the positioning. She shown me how to check it fits properly, with little tests you can do at the back, front and with the straps, and in the end, we finalised my size.

With this in mind, I shopped around and picked out a lovely, frill detail white bra, because there are some really lovely styles in Ann Summers at the moment, and because who doesn’t need a nice new pure white bra once in a while? Using my new sizing knowledge, I fitted myself perfectly in the changing room, being purchasing the bra. If you are like me and are way overdue a good fitting service, head down to your local Ann Summers store and discuss with a sales assistant about getting fitted with their A Fit To Flaunt service. They have such beautiful lingerie sets available for A/W’13, along with a great offer currently running of two bras for £25.

And as the ladies of Ann Summer requested, photographs of myself wearing my new bra underneath a casual outfit, you may not be able to tell ladies but the bra is very supportive and provides excellent lift! Note my new low lights to make my hair a step closer to my natural colour for my move to Australia!

Emma Campbell

emma campbell

Top: River Island. Shiny Trousers: River Island. Bra: Ann Summers Shoes: Florence & Fred.

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