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Trying on a dress for the party season, and stressing yourself out as you don’t have a clear view of the back? Asking your friends the famous question ‘does my bum look big in this?’. Manchester Arndale have introduced the answer, by launching Fashion Cam 360!

I was honoured to be invited along with the ladies at Manchester’s Radio stations Capital FM and Key 103 to experience the press showing of the Fashion Cam 360- a state-of-the-art camera rig which freeze frames a moment in time to capture images in a rotational movement. Shoppers can add a touch of Hollywood glamour to their party outfit and see themselves full circle from every angle!

This is the first time on the UK High St customers can step inside the six foot structure which incorporates 32 canon cameras which simultaneously shoot to create the full cricle effect. This fabulous concept is coming to Manchester Arndale on the 9th-11th November and will be premiered at the INSIDE Live event which will showcase all the best party dresses from all retailers. You can even jump in the air and do crazy moves for the camera- whatever suits!

I took along my black ruffle lipsy dress and gave it a whirl myself, it was so much fun! If I purchase any backless dresses or bodycon outfits this party season I’ll certainly be popping to the Fashion Cam 360 in November to see what my all important back view will be like!

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