Beauty: Eye Candy Lashes and MAC Eyebrows

A quick flash post today to highlight two of my favourite eye products which give your really amazing, pop-out eyes! I won’t bore you for long about the first one, as it’s a product I have used for ages and have featured on the blog twice before. Yes… time to big it up again… MAC eyebrow pencil in ‘lingering’ really is the best. Like, seriously gives you so much precision when penciling in your eyebrows. As I often point out on here, my eyebrows are naturally black which has been the bain of my life being a natural fair-blonde girl. So I don’t really need to darken my brows, but just to shape them slightly.

If you want a fail safe, easy to use, fantastic eyebrow pencil, then look no further. MAC in lingering- I won’t mention it again for a while I promise!

emma campbell
And in terms of lashes, I have found a new favorite! Available at Boots and online at, these Eye Candy lashes in 005 are perfect. They cost around £4.50 and are the most impressive lashes I have used for a while at that value. Don’t get me wrong – I love Eyelure and MAC lashes too, but I don’t always have the money to spend on them as I’m very careless with my false eyelashes (yeah, I’m the girl that parties in them, falls asleep with them on, and wake up with scraggy, messy lashes that I pull off and throw in the bin).

eye candy
These stuck on my natural lash line really well and gave added volume and length, without looking too drastic. Natural, but with a touch of party glam. Love love love them. I just happened to spot them in Boots and picked them up as a last minute purchase. Ignore the signs of glue on the below photos, I took these snaps as soon as I applied the lashes therefore the glue wasn’t 100% dry.

emma campbell
There you go – a quick post about creating beautiful eyes with two hero products. Let me know if you have tried these products too!

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