Fashion: Cost-Cutting Hacks To Save Money On New Clothes

Clothes shopping can easily cost you a small fortune. You may have only popped out for a pair of socks, but this quick trip can turn into a major shopping session, with you coming home carrying a whole new wardrobe and a lot less cash. Showing some restraint is a simple idea in theory, but when a beautiful dress or gorgeous pair of shoes looks right at you, it will completely leave your head. With that in mind, here are six clever ways to save some money on new clothes.

Stick To Generic Basics

Basic clothing items, like tank tops, plain t-shirts, and loungewear really don’t need to be designer label, especially if you only wear them under other clothes or in the house. Instead of shelling out unnecessarily, you should stick to generic brands and unbranded garments, saving the money for clothing items that you actually want to show off.

Shop Out Of Season

Buying new clothes just before a new season can be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, it’s also incredibly costly. For this reason, you should avoid this habit whenever possible and buy clothes when you don’t need them instead, like a bikini in January or a coat mid-July. Most retailers will have these out-of-season items massively discounted to try and clear them from the stores.

Find Discount Codes Online

With the internet being accessible anywhere and everywhere, it’s rarely necessary to pay full price for anything, especially your clothes. Instead, you can turn to online voucher sites, like to save money when shopping online. You can also download apps straight to your phone for coupons and money off when you’re shopping in a physical store.

Switch To Other Sections

Women’s clothing often costs much more than men’s, even for universal items, like t-shirts, hoodies, and trainers. Because of this, you should switch to the men’s section and spend some time searching there for these type of items. You could even check out the kids’ clothing if you’re small. You’ll be surprised at just how much cheaper and comfier these sections can be.

Buy What Fits Now

Buying something that you hope to fit into later can give you the motivation you need to lose weight, but it is a massive gamble. After all, you may not lose all of the weight that you hoped to, and, even if you do, you might not like how you look in the clothes you bought now. Either way, you will have wasted money, so it’s much better to stick to clothes that fit you right now.

Look After Your Clothes

One of the easiest ways to save money on clothes is looking after what you already own. After all, this way, you won’t have to go shopping as often and replace what you’ve ruined. With that in mind, you should stick to cool washes and gentle cycles. You should also line-dry them when possible. For particularly delicate items, you may even want to hand wash them.

Clothes shopping doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With these tips, you should be able to make some big savings.

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