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As the British weather is completely unreliable; it would be foolish to believe that we can pack our winter coats away for good. There is always chance of an unexpected shower or chill that will have you running for your windcheater! So, what women’s coat should you wear come rain or shine?

When wearing a coat in summer, you must consider the chance of considerably warmer weather. Nobody wants to be the one person who is flustered, while everybody else is summer cool. So the first thing you need to consider in summer is the thickness of the jacket. That means no body warmers, duffel coats and fleeces – even if the sun has retreated behind the clouds! Even if the summer weather is not quite an Indian summer, the weather will never be so cold in August that you need to wear extra thick fur coats!

To look summer cool but still keep warm if the weather dips, you must wear a jacket which will look stylish, and keep you warm, yet cool simultaneously. Here are a few styles to consider this summer season:


  • Blazer – not a coat per se, however, it can take its place once the sun starts to shine. Blazers come in a range of fabrics including: cashmere, cotton, leather, linen, mohair, silk and wool. For summer, the best choice for a blazer would be cotton, linen or silk – the added material will keep you free from chills but you will not become too warm like if you were to wear a heavy wool blazer in mid-July.
  • Bolero – cropped, cardigan-like garment with short or long sleeves. Even though boleros are typically knitted, there are various styles which can come in materials such as linen. You can keep summer cool in boleros as they cover less of the body than a traditional jacket. They usually have loose sleeves which will also keep you cool.
  • Kimono – similar to a bolero is the kimono. Kimonos can have long or short sleeves and can be plain or elaborate in style. Silk is the most traditional material Kimonos are made from. Kimonos made of fabrics such as cotton and polyester generally reflect a more casual style.


  • Cagoule – if you are worried about getting wet if it rains, a cagoule is perfect. A cagoule is made from light plastic which will still be cool enough to wear in summer months. A cagoule can be easily folded and packed into a bag too if the sun really starts to shine.
  • Mac – a mac is essential for a lacklustre summer when you want to look summer cool. Macs are really versatile in summer – they can be thrown loosely over an outfit for a laidback look or tied with a belt for extra warmth when the weather changes.
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