Fashion: Celebrating Jeans For Genes Day

This Friday, 21st September, see’s the celebration of Jeans for Genes Day. For those not too sure what it means, it’s the annual fundraising campaign for Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder.

Basically, the monies raised on Jeans for Genes Day fund the work of the charity, and provide grants to organisations for projects that aim to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders.

The fundraising takes place once a year, and usually, you’ll find lots of work places getting behind the charity, encouraging staff and schools to wear their jeans for the day, whilst raising money.

I’m a huge denim lover – especially as we come into the Autumn/Winter months soon. There’s nothing easier and more comfy to wear on a day to day basis than a good old pair of denim jeans! Be it skinny, boyfriend, straight leg, slim fit or loose… a pair of denim jeans can be easily matched with any top, creating a personal style.

There is so much denim jeans inspiration online these days, so finding your ideal pair isn’t as difficult as it once once. Even if you are plus size, retailers like Fashion World have you covered.


You’ll usually find me in a pair of skinny jeans more often than none. There’s just something about the fitted, figure hugging style. Plus, it means you can team them up with oversized jumpers and sweaters, and still look stylish.

Saying that though, I’ve recently developed my style a little this year to take on a more casual approach. And with that, I’ve been embracing the baggier fitting ‘boyfriend’ style jeans. I’m still not sure if they suit my petite shape yet, as I have a few hang ups about whether I look like a bag of rags when I wear them. But they are certainly super comfy for wearing on those lazier days!

When it comes to the colour of jeans, I’d say I’d always opt for a medium shade of blue denim – not too light and washed out, but not too dark (so it doesn’t come under the navy denim category).

Second to that, I always opt for black denim too. So so versatile, especially when you go for black skinnies! They pull off as a pair of smart black fitted trousers from a distance (well sometimes, in my opinion!).

Whether you are part of a playgroup, or your kids attend playschool or Brownies, yoga classes or fitness classes, any women’s institutes or even church groups, you can make a difference by getting the group involved! There are currently one in 25 UK children living with a life-altering genetic disorder, and the fundraising achieved from this charity day is a great way to help out.

It might be that your workplace is already taking part. I remember the days I used to work in retail PR for fashion brands, and we would all make a huge deal about the day, decorating and embellishing our jeans and even having best denim wearer competitions.

I wonder though: does wearing denim dungarees counts? I gotta say, denim dungarees are fast taking over my wardrobe, as the overall style fit and shape is becoming so versatile for me to throw on over a trendy little t-shirt for those work from home days!

I have a feeling they possibly don’t count, as it’s all about a good old ‘proper’ pair of jeans.

Below are my current fave pair of black denim dungarees which I keep wearing in the house. So trendy, roomy and comfortable…

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