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Up to now, May has proved to be the most expensive month so far this year! All of a sudden, everything needs paying – flights to Ibiza for my trip in September, Car Insurance needs renewing, Car MOT needs completing, not to mention an annual service and Tax Disc! Boring stuff aside, I also have four close friends birthdays, including my own in this glorious month! It is one where my bank balance doesn’t like me at all. However, this month did lead me to look into something I have never looked at before – Cash for Clothes!

I had seen the advertisements for, and assumed it was based on selling your old CD’s and DVDS. Well for me, I have hundreds of CD’s from over the years, however I don’t often buy DVD’s so I don’t really have enough of those to sell. Then the brainwave comes through – I’m a fashion blogger- what it the one thing I have way too many of? Clothes of course!

HITACHI Digital Camera allows you to get cash for clothes and anything other unwanted CDs, DVDs, Tech, Electronics and Entertainment products. I have bags and bags on clothes I simply just don’t wear, and knew this could be a little way of making some extra money this month to help fund the hectic month! All these nights out need new outfits, so why not sell my old ones to fund this?

Basically, the process is straight forward, you just enter the brand and the type of garment into the search box which acts as a valuation agent, hit the Get Value button and they let you know. It’s a completely free system to use, which is why I gave this a go over the other clothes selling services I usually use. You can drop your unwanted clothes off at their local send shops, usually located within a mile of your home. You also get to chose whether you wish to be paid for your clothes via bank transfer, cheque or vouchers.

So come on fashion bloggers and style obsessives out there- I believe that each one of you is as bad as me and dedicates your life to clothes, resulting in bags of old items! Here is a nice new way to de-clutter your fashion wardrobes and make a few pennies too…

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