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Welcome to Autumn! This is the season where my dress boutique is going to start saying goodbye to all it’s Summer stock, and start introducing lots of lovely new Autumnal fashion. This means richer color palettes, warmer layers, and more luxury fabrics.

That’s not the only upgrade you’ll see from the boutique either. I’m going to make a huge effort to amp up the marketing efforts too, including more of that lovely branded paper I send out with every order, potentially with the addition of printed tissue paper too. This should hopefully make my packages look super pretty!


Another area I feel is really important to online retailers and business alike is a form of carrier bag advertising. There has been so much negative press and views surrounding the 5p plastic bag charge, that it got me thinking about what I could do when I host pop-up events and stalls.

If my customers are going to be paying for bags, then they need to get the benefit too, which is why I’m looking into attractive, re-useable bags. They’ll complete with branding, gorgeous colourways, and generally look smart to carry. Plus, my customers are then ‘hopefully’ continuing to promote me and my boutique if they actually enjoy carrying the bag around with them. Design, colours and branding is key! So now it’s time to look at printed branded carrier bags┬ácompanies for costs and inspiration.


I won’t reveal the new look and feel of my soon-to-be carrier bags just yet, but I will leave you with this informative infographic from 4imprint. It covers everything to do with why printed bags can be seen as ‘cool’ and trendy, and can serve a great purpose when it comes to brand marketing. Enjoy!



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