Fashion: Body Confidence and Beach Body Secrets

I don’t know about you, but it’s that time of year where I’m currently looking into any 2018 getaway ideas. I recently put a post together about my recent trip to Thailand and where else is next on my bucketlist, and in all honesty, I’m struggling a bit this year after having such a big trip so early on in the year!

Myself and my boyfriend quite fancy Cuba, but it’s quite a pricey one and we have a few biggies to fund this year – a new bathroom being one of them.

I also have Italy and New York on my ‘to do’ list, but as he’s already been before, we’re looking for new, exciting places.

Do any of you have any travel recommendations? We’re also thinking 5 days in Croatia may be a good shout?

Anyway, the reason for putting this post together today is because  I’ve recently been hearing a lot of my friends and followers talking dreading the Summer because they feel so lousy about their Winter bodies, and have no confidence or motivation around getting swim suit ready for holiday season.

I totally get it. I’ve recently started up-ing my visits to the gym in a bid to start feeling more confident, but in all honesty, it sucks doesn’t it that we feel we have to put ourselves through healthy eating (I don’t really do this one too well) and rigorous exercise to feel better about ourselves.

But listen up ladies, I heard some fantastic news over the weekend: high-waisted swimwear is one of the key fashions this year. Hooray!

And wait – it gets better. ‘The Swimsuit’ is also going nowhere. Swimming costumes with low backs, side skimming features, lace up fastenings to the top, and slogan printed are also HUGE for 2018.


So you know what that means? We don’t have to be wimpering at the thought of slipping into a low-waisted, standard bikini.

Also, crop top bikinis which are high to the neck are also said to be coming back in this Summer, which is great news for the ladies who feel conscious about being big breasted or top heavy.

Personally, although I’m lucky to have a small frame, I feel so much more confident in a swimming costume. I like to lounge around and pretty much slob about on the beach, usually eating a bag of crisps and sipping a daiquiri. I like to do this without worrying about my tummy folding over!


The above and below are examples of the most comfortable types of swimwear I own – high neck bikinis and swimsuits. However, I can’t wait to start shopping some high-waisted bikini styles for this year. Even the thought of them make me feel all tucked in and secure (haha!).

I’m currently loving the collections from Simply Beach at the moment. They make high-waisted styles look super sassy and stylish, as they work them to all the current prints and trends.

So although I don’t have any answers when it comes to improving body confidence, I just want to say that girl – you’ll look amazing this Summer whether you hit the gym 2 months beforehand or if you don’t. T

here are so many flattering, body-shaping swimwear styles out there which work with curves, lumps, bumps and everything in-between, so throw a smile on your face and enjoy the fashions!

High-waisted bikini sets are a life saver for me, because not only do they help us girls feel more tucked in and held together, but aren’t they just adorable too?

Have no fear ladies. 2018 fashion trend have got our backs.

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