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This time next week it will be officially the night before Christmas Eve! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone. Last year, I spent Christmas over at Bondi Beach in Sydney, literally in a bikini and shorts everyday. This year, I’m embracing my hoodies and fur lined leggings and preparing for a week off work to relax and be a complete coach potato… not sure which one sounds the most appealing?


But in true Emma style, I’m making my best attempts at embracing the Winter and Christmas party season, in particularly with fashion. So I have took part in a little ‘Christmas tag’ post that Avenue 32 have challenged me too, where I answer the below questions and then tag my favourite bloggers. So here goes!

Describe your perfect Christmas Day?

This year  has been so so hectic, that all I can think about it that Christmas and New Year week where I literally relax, sleep, eat, drink and over all take it easy. So my perfect Christmas Day would involve spending it with my mum, dad and twin sister at the house we grew up in (still my parents house now), eating celebration chocolates for breakfast and lounging around in fluffy PJ’s until midday. Then just having a really simply afternoon of over indulging with Christmas Dinner, and an evening of films and catching up with the family. Pretty much the simpliest but the best of days!

What is your favourite make-up look for the festive season?

what emma did

Because you can’t go always ‘go all out’ throughout the year, I like to incorporate a touch of glitter during the festive season and lots of cherry red lips. Nothing gives your look that sultry kick that a bold red lip, and with red being the colour of Christmas, it’s the best time to find your favourite red lippy. I’m a big fan of liquid eyeliner flicks to the upper eyelid too.

What is you’re A/W 14 clothing staple?

A bold, statement bag, but one that can look cool and effortless too. I particularly love this poppy red rucksack from Grafea that I’m showcasing below.


What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

On the 23rd December, I get together with my twin sister and best friend and we have a pre-Christmas night in every single year, except for last year when I was in Australia. We always watch Love Actually and The Holiday – two ridiculously cheesy and soppy love stories – but hey it’s the season of love I guess! We fill our bellies up with mulled wine and copious amounts of mince pies. I literally look forward to it all year. This year, I’m hosting it at my apartment and I already have an assortment of hot chocolates, marshmallows, biscuit tins and bucks fizz at the ready!

What time of day do you open your Christmas presents?

I’d be lying if I said I woke up early… I mean I naturally awake early, but I don’t rush for the whole present opening anymore! I’d say around 11am… yes lazy I know!

What would your dream Christmas day outfit from Avenue 32 be?

christmas day outfit
In an ideal world, I would glam up to the nines on Christmas day, donning on the fur in order to still keep snuggly and warm, yet be wearing a striking dress underneath. The outfit put together above from Avenue 32 from a party shoot is exactly what I have in mind! Aside from that, I’d settle for the range of amazing faux fur snoods and two tone shearling scarf’s like this pink version, to wrap around my Christmas Day outfit to add that cosy feel.

What’s the best present you have ever received?

It has to be this years present which I was gifted early by my family – it’s the Canon SX700 Powershot camera. I have needed a better camera for way too long, and the quality of my blog images have improved so much. A greatly appreciated gift.

If you could give anyone any gift, what would you give and why?

This sounds really cheesy, but it’s true… I would just wish everyone well in terms of wealth, health and happiness for Christmas and more importantly for the new year. But if I have to talk material things, I would love to gift my family an amazing holiday and jet them off to sunnier shores one Christmas, as I know they dislike being in the UK over Christmas. I would love more than anything to be able to whisk them away and enjoy a tropical Christmas somewhere…

So there we go… my Christmas tag interview with Avenue 32 – the women’s luxury designer fashion retailer. And here’s for the fun bit, I am tagging my favourite bloggers to have a go at this interview too and feature it on their blogs to get into the Christmas spirit. Over to you Amy Elizabeth Fashion, The Life of Ellie Grace and Magpie Jasmine! xx

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