Eyelash Application Tips For Aspiring Eyelash Artists

It’s not a new thing that beautiful lashes have become the new beauty standard within the fashion and beauty industry. Everyone wants to have those luscious, long and voluminous lashes, without needing to apply false eyelashes constantly.

The strip false lashes trend is long gone. I mean, of course they are still in the market and used as per convenience, but now the hype is all about lash extensions. These are long-lasting and more natural-looking, and the results can be incredible in comparison to the strip lashes.

So good news ladies, you do not need the hassle of applying those false strip lashes every time you get ready!

For the aspiring eyelash artist out there, eyelash extensions can be a bit tricky when it comes to learning the application. Not everyone can jump onto applying lash extensions to lashlines without a bit of practice and professional training first.

If you’re serious about learning to art of eyelash extensions, proper training and courses in eyelash extension and application needs to be taken before you become a pro at this form of art. Through a quality lash extension course, you will be able to learn about the ethics as well as the practice and the precautions, safety and care for your customers.

So, now that we have established that a reputable eyelash extension course is a must to become an expert eyelash artist, here are a few tips that you may find helpful when it comes to offering lash extensions to your clients.

Know the different types of extensions

You should be more than familiar with how many different options are available when it comes to lash extensions. The most popular two are classic lash extensions and volume lash extensions. The classic approach is about applying thinner and fewer lashes, for a much healthier natural look yet less voluminous. Great for those who have never booked in to get lash extensions before, or for people who have naturally great lashes already but are looking for a longer length or have an occasion coming up.

The volume lashes approach is for a more dramatic look. These are also referred to as ‘Russian Lashes’ at various salons. This is where a larger amount of lashes are applied in a thicker texture of lashes, to create that fluffy, full volume look.

Pick the correct style according to eye shape

Always assess the shape of the eye and see which style will suit your client best. There are generally three styles: dramatic, cat eye and natural. Dramatic uses thick and longer lash extensions throughout the lash line. In cat eyes, the longer length lashes are at the outer corner while the shorter ones are on the inner corner. In natural use, the same length as the clients natural lashes are used.

Set up your tool table

It’s not just the actual lashes that you need. The essential tools required for eyelash extensions include:

  • Eyepatches
  • All lengths of actual eyelash extensions
  • High quality glue
  • Tweezers
  • Degreaser
  • Disinfectant

You must make sure that you are using premium quality tools and equipment for the procedure. You’ll also need a bed for the client to lie on, and a bright light for precision.


Eye patches are used under the eyes and also for cleaning purposes. These are disposable and are used as a base for making the eyelashes visible, and to catch any lashes that fall. However, they must be placed very gently roughly 3mm below the lower lash line and can’t be pulled off in a hurry – or else it’s an ouch moment!

Selecting the lashes

While picking the lashes, first make sure you have all lengths available. The brand and the quality of the extensions needs to be really good- trust me it makes all the difference! Before applying, do the eye mapping technique first. The lash mapping technique allows you to make a visual that helps you map out which lash is going to be placed where. according to the specific style you have opted for.

Then choose the lashes depending on their lengths and the area of the lash line it will be applied. The lengths vary from 8mm to 14mm. Usually, the shorter length extensions are to be put in the inner corner and the longest one takes on the centre of the lash line for an ideal look.

Picking up the lashes

Now that you are ready with the eyepatches in place and have selected the lashes, it’s time to pick them up. The trick is to be as gentle as possible. Always use a pair of tweezers to pick them up as you need something super delicate and precise.

You’ll find that eyelash tweezers also vary in types and size. Usually, a straight tweezer is recommended for beginners. The lashes should be placed at an angle of ninety degrees before being picked up to prevent them from being damaged. Make sure you pick them up from the bottom so the top of the lash – which will naturally curl up – doesn’t loose it’s shape. 

The glue

The tip is the less glue you use, the better the results, which is why you need a real top quality adhesive. Remember, it is the eyes we are working on after all so it needs to be gentle at the same time as being effective. Gently wipe off the excess glue if required for a neat finish.

Applying the lashes

For the application, use a curved tweezer to first separate the lashes and create space to put the extension lashes in between. Pick up the extension, apply the glue to the bottom tip, and place it gently between the lashes, making sure it merges with the real lash. The extension must be at least 1mm above the base of the real lash.

Likewise, apply with each real lash to give a natural and sleek look. Another tip is to always make sure no extensions are stuck together. They must be separate and fully dried before moving on to the next.

Wait for the glue to dry

Don’t be too excited to see the results right away! Let the extensions completely dry out before asking the client to open the eyes. It should take approx 3-4 minutes for the drying to be properly finished.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, you have to make sure to make your client is comfortable throughout, and when carrying out volume lashes, they can be there for a good few hours! The process can be long and tiring so arrange a comfortable laying down position for them on the chair, with a pillow, and constantly check that they are OK.

Be warned – the occasional client may even fall asleep!

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